How To Find Your SIGFIGicant Other

In The LEGO World

Do you completely brick it at the thought of heading out on a date? Do you dream of being more confident in the pursuit of getting a LEGO-ver? Are you a stud that’s not on top? Fear not my friends, for I am here to tell you that there is indeed hope for all the single AFOLs and proud LEGO nerds out there!

Yes, if I can find true love and my happy ever after, then you can too! Even better you can use our favourite building block of choice to help in your quest for love, lust and everything in between. Strap yourself in as we explore 10 hot tips for finding your perfect Minifig match.

Size Does Matter

Oh yes, it does! That huge collection of LEGO bricks you have hiding in your sin closet, break it out baby! Brag about it, I promise you that the object of your desire is going to find 100,000 bricks sexier than a single classic bricks box. Don’t be ashamed that your treasure is enormous, embrace it, display it with pride.

Let The LEGO Brick Guide You To Love

Let The LEGO Brick Guide You To Love

Find Common Ground

A huge part of impressing a first date is finding things that you have in common. You would be amazed how easily you can bring LEGO into a conversation. Then expand on this to steer the topic into our favourite subject, let me give you an example.

“Do you like to travel? Have you been to New York? Did you visit the Statue of Liberty? Have you got the architecture set?.” You see how easy that was?! Simple dating conversation 101. Within seconds we are talking about LEGO and a scary conversation is now one that you are excited about.

Friday Night You Should Swipe Right

So, you are home on a Friday night just casually scrolling through the latest online toy store catalogues. Well hot tip number 3, is that you can do that on your laptop, leaving your phone free to open Tinder or Hinge or whatever your preferred dating app might be. Get swiping people! Stop being afraid of rejection and embrace your gorgeous geekiness and swipe away. Just think of the possibilities, next Friday night you could be shopping in person together and having red-brick hot loving afterwards.


We all know that LUGS is an acronym for LEGO User Groups. But did you know it also stands for Lonely Unbelievably Great Singles? Well, now you do! But seriously LUGS are a perfect place to meet and greet with like-minded passionate brick-heads just like you. They are probably just as nervous about clicking those bricks together.

Build A MOC And Sign Up For An Exhibition

There is a reason that models often end up marrying musicians and artists. It is because creativity is extremely hot! If you have a talent for designing your own LEGO creations and you are looking for some amorous attention, then you need to sign yourself up for the next exhibition you can find! Request a table front and centre, and get ready for the admiration to come your way. Also, regardless of whether you have your own business or not, get yourself a business card with your mobile phone number. Put that card right next to your display so that all those potential suitors who are frothing over your artistic prowess, don’t even have to ask for your phone number, genius! You’re welcome.

Technic Is An Aphrodisiac

Oh yes, you read that right people! If you thought that your love of getting those gears to move in mysterious ways was something to do in secret think again. That engineering knowledge is super desirable so don’t be afraid to break out an ultra-complex mechanism (at an appropriate moment) and do so knowing that it is practically foreplay. For those of us who don’t take naturally to technic, we will marvel at your intellect and it will make you all the more attractive.

Release Your Inner Punk Minifigure

Okay so staring back at you in the mirror might be a very conservative jumper, brown chinos, and an extremely plastic-looking haircut. But underneath we all have that blue-haired wild and free skateboard or microphone accessorised Minifigure just waiting to be released. Sometimes when we are introverted and shy we present ourselves so as to invite the least possible attention. Just know that whether you wear your colour and your crazy on the inside or outside you are unique and beautiful and oh so loveable.

Make The First Move

Let’s put this into LEGO terms so it is very clear. Imagine that feeling of purchasing a set that you have been eyeing up for ages. You take it home. Caress the box for a moment drinking in the anticipation of what lies ahead. Delicately you open the plastic bag containing the instruction manual and with a sharp intake of breath you turn to page one and pick up the first piece of the baseplate. Sigh, didn’t that feel good?

You know you enjoyed it. Now apply the same process to a first date. First look, first conversation, the first accidental brush of the hand, first kiss, first… yes my friends making the first move feels amazing!

Secure A Second Date With A SigFig

So, you’ve had a successful first date and you want to propose marriage. I mean a second date! Don’t get ahead of yourself please. Here is the perfect way to ensure that the second date is locked and loaded. Head down to your local LEGO certified store. Hit that create a Minifigure stand and make the perfect minifig version of yourself. The object of your desire and put yourself into a little LEGO scene with the words “I think we clicked, can we press closer together on a second date please”.

Beauty Fades But LEGO Lasts Forever

Well, we have made it to the last step. So hopefully by now you have realised that being a LEGO nerd is something to be embraced and celebrated. Those plastic bricks are pretty damn attractive and so are you! We all know that as we grow old our looks start to fade. Let’s be honest none of us AFOLs are spending money on botox when we could buy the latest greatest LEGO set. So just love the skin you are in and trust that your perfect person is out there. As long as they don’t have to compete for your affection too much they will find your love of the brick extremely endearing, alluring and sexy AF(OL).

Happy dating fellow LEGO nerds! Be sure to send us photos of you and your SIGFIGicant other when you find them!


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