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Boxes | Boxes

LEGO Box Integrity – The Link Between LEGO Boxes And Your Personality

LEGO Boxes New In Box, Build But Keep The Box, or Discard The Box? As I write this Melbourne has been plunged back into lockdown. To distract myself, I decided...
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Love | Dating Tips

Dating Tips For LEGO Nerds: Let The Bricks Guide You To Love

How To Find Your SIGFIGicant Other In The LEGO World Do you completely brick it at the thought of heading out on a date? Do you dream of being more...
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90th Anniversary Vote | Bionicles

Lifestyle: Why AFOLs Are Threatened By The LEGO Bionicles 90th Anniversary Vote

“I am a Bionicle fan, but I believe Bionicle will not be selected for the 90th anniversary.” “People need to learn that not all LEGO is intended for them.” “Bionicle…

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2021 | Bricks and Pieces

LEGO Shop Bricks & Pieces – New Parts For January 2021

Find the full list with Element ID, Design ID and Part names in the Excel file below.

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LEGO Masters

LEGO Masters: How Jodie Discovered Her Confidence On LEGO Masters Australia

No way, how can I leave my family? The biggest fear I had was not knowing anyone

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LEGO Reviews
71028 | LEGO CMF Harry Potter Series 2

Review: LEGO Collectable Minifigures – Harry Potter – Series 2 – 71028

Discover the Magic of LEGO Collectable Minifigures - Harry Potter Series 2 LEGO enthusiasts, get ready for a magical treat! The Harry Potter universe has expanded with the release of...
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