LEGO Masters France

Season 2 Episode 4 Grand Final – Recap

The final three arrive for the grand final. Up for grabs is the trophy, $20,000 Euro and the title of LEGO Masters France.

As always the finale theme is to build whatever they want, from a blank slate. The judges are looking for all of the skills in storytelling, technical ability, and design. The teams have 25 hours to complete their build. Additionally, there will be an audience vote with the judges offering a golden brick for their favourite design.

The Builds

Éric and Alex – Panic at the cottage

Keeping with their Swiss heritage they have decided to create a giant evil fondue that’s attacking a picnic.

Going for broke the team has decided to get two motors into their design and have it all animate in a very cartoon style. This proves to be a challenge as they have to work out all of the technical issues and build and re-building test models.

Their giant fondue gets created but at the last minute, a test reveals the stirring mechanism isn’t working. But they rush to get it together.

With it up for show, Paulina states it is a masterpiece. She praises the composition and how the design is animated and is full of expression. Another point is given for the use of transparent pieces for things like the bottle as well as how well things have been textured, like the plates. She has only one small critique, the tablecloth design looks a bit too heavy on the squares and loses a bit of contrast.

Georg also loves the scene. Especially the mix between detailed items and the hilarious story. He also praises the technical abilities in the building and how the characters have all been posed. One small detail is wanting the tablecloth to flow over the edge.

Marin and Alexandre – Dinozilla king of the monsters

Taking on a Godzilla theme a giant monster will be rampaging through a city street causing all sorts of destruction. Georg comes by and notes that they can improve a bit by using forced perspective to give a better sense of scale. This poses a small challenge to the team who set about realising this new twist.

Georg notes how well the scene has been realised, but wonders if the perspective was a bit too narrow and needed to be a bit wider. He also wonders how does the scenario scream movie set? The film crew is a bit minimal, for instance no lighting guys. But overall loves the detailing in the set. Paulina echos this. She praises the design of the monster being aggressive and the setting looking correct and feeling like New York with lots of accurate detailing.

Benjamine and Marin – Billy and Charlie Show

Keeping to their trademark of cartoon-style builds they decide to have a TV where a cartoon comes to life and jumps out onto the rug. They do wonder what the scale will be and start plotting the size of the cat and the TV.

The cat increases in scale and weight, leading to some questions from the judges on how he’ll fit in the scene. Georg is worried it will be too heavy and collapse the legs.

The team scrambles up support that manages to keep the cat from collapsing.

Paulina finds the scene fun and full of details that sells the concept. One reservation is the design of the lower body as the giant legs look a bit static in movement and the cat doesn’t have a good stride.

Georg loves the neat part usage such as lifebouys for the cheese holes. The cat however doesn’t have much of a dynamic pose.

The Verdict

With each judge holding 20 points per brick they deliberate over the three builds. But before they do, 30 other votes from visiting audience members and past contestants are cast. With the crowds assessing the builds and casting their vote, it is only a matter of time for the big announcement.

Coming in third are Benjamine and Marin.

Second place is taken by Marin and Alexandre Making the winner of LEGO Masters France Season 2, Éric and Alex!

Congratulations to all of the teams for competing.

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