With over 190,000 individual elements over 161 categories and a BrickLink value of Aud$48,603.

You’ll often sell bulk lots of LEGO for sale in Facebook LEGO groups or other marketplaces. But occasionally you’ll see a listing that stands out above the rest. In this case, BrickLink store ‘Finny Migs’. Jonathan from Canberra, Australia opened his stop back in February 2018, has decided to put his time and focus into other business ventures. As such, is offloading his entire BrickLink inventory in one hit.

Up for grabs is over 190,000 pieces in over 3,000 lots including minifigs, storage drawers and a bunch of bonus pieces that aren’t listed in the store, including some partial, older boxed sets. The BrinkLink inventory lists the total store value at Aud$48,603.92, which Jonathan is asking Aud$19,000.

That’s around Aud$0.10 per element. Taking a looking inside the BrickLink store, some of the more rare and expensive elements include, a Blue Cone 4 X 4 X 2 with Axle Hole, valued at Aud$34 and a Blue Vehicle Base at Aud$15. In the Minifigure category, a Zach figure from Jurassic World at Aud$19 and Alfred Pennyworth in a classic Batsuit for $18.

If you are interested in drastically increasing your collection, you can find the listing on ‘LEGO Australia sell swap buy group’ on Facebook.

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