Free guide to LEGO Toy Photography by CheepJokes from BrickBanter

Learning How To Take LEGO Photography & Make Stop Motion Animation

Making LEGO Photography and Stop Motion Aninmation is no easy task. It takes a lot of patience and practice. @CheepJokes began making animations back in 2013 and got into LEGO photography shortly after. A few years ago CheepJokes put together a book to teach you the basics of each. You can download it free below.

LEGO Photography & Comic

Learn how to make LEGO Comics and Toy Photograph by downloading the PDF below. It’ll show you plenty of basic tips on how to create these at home.

Download PDF Tutorial – LEGO Comics & Photography

LEGO Stop Motion Animation

LEGO Stop Motion is pretty similar to LEGO Photography. But instead of taking just a couple of photos, you’ll be taking thousands! The PDF is free to download below which will teach you everything you need to know!

Download PDF and additiona LEGO Stop Motion Animation content here

Good luck with your shoot! Remember, patience is the biggest part. Your first attempt will not be your best, so keep practising and getting better!


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