(Spoilers) LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 Challenges Revealed

LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 Revealed (Spoilers)

In an article published by the Newcastle Herald, the challenges featured in LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 have been revealed! The article interviews two of the new contestants, Newcastle locals Ben and Eric, who are up against four international teams in this new season.

It’s revealed the prize money once again will be $100,000, plus bragging rights. As always, Hamish and Brickman will return. As will Sophie Monk, because she is required to appear in all Australian made Channel 9 TV shows.

LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 Challenges

It’s assumed there are 12 episodes for this season, although not confirmed. This list is possibly just the main challenges, as historically some episode have a mini-challenge for an advantage. Let’s take a look!

  1. Break The Ice.
  2. LEGO Go Go GO Karts.
  3. Twisted Tales.
  4. Is It Fake? 2.0.
  5. Battle-Bot Wars.
  6. What’s In Store.
  7. What’s On The Box.
  8. New Olympic Sport.
  9. Land Of The Giants.
  10. Batman Celebrating 85-Years.
  11. Lily Pads.
  12. Finale Build.

From the advert appearing on the LEGO Masters Australia socials, we are able to take a closer look at some of these challenges.

LEGO Go Go Go Karts

You might be familiar with this challenge from the LEGO Masters US Season 3. Teams are paired with another team to build on the body of a Go Kart, before racing against each other!

(Spoilers) All LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 Challenges Leaked

Twisted Tales

Ok so, this seems like a new one! I’m not sure what the actual challenge would be, but possibly putting a spin on an existing fairy tale?

(Spoilers) All LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 Challenges Leaked

Is It Fake? 2.0

I think this is exactly what the name suggests. It’s also a challenge we saw only last season in LEGO Masters Grand Masters! Teams had to chose a real world item to recreate out of LEGO bricks. This is the same challenge Sophie Monk was invited in for last year, looks like she is back to play the same game!

Having a look at Sophie Monk on the bicycle, her costume and the image below, Parisian theme maybe?

(Spoilers) LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 Challenges Revealed

Batman Celebrating 85-Years

Batman fans, I know you are excited for this one! It’s hard to tell from the video what the contestants will need to get up to in this challenge, all we know, it’s Batman related!

(Spoilers) All LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 Challenges Leaked


LEGO Masters Australia returns to Channel 9 on Sunday April 14th, at 7pm.


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