LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Brick Banter Contestants

LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 – Coming 14th April

LEGO Masters Australia is about to premiere their sixth season. After Season 4, arguably one of the best seasons of the show, we saw season 5, LEGO Masters Grand Masters. Where the best contestants from the previous seasons battled it out together. For Season 6 in 2024, the theme is Australia Vs the world.

Four Australian teams, will battler it out against 4 international teams who have had experience on the series in their home countries. These internationals are at a massive advantage. Knowing how to build is one thing, but doing it in the LEGO Masters filming environment is another. The Aussies will have their work made out for them.

But let’s meet the teams!


Sam & Emilio (VIC)

Quirky and hip pop-culture lovers, partners Sam and Emilio are not your average LEGO builders. The loveable couple met two years ago during a LEGO themed adult scavenger hunt, with bricks playing an important part in their bond since day dot.

With Sam taking on the role of technical builder and lateral thinker, Emilio’s creative mind comes up with wild and wacky ideas for Sam to turn into a reality. Most of their MOCs reflect their taste and personal interest, such as DJ decks, Nike Jordans, and even a giant Bubble O’Bill replica.

Sam Emilio - LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 - Brick Banter

Sam –

A talented LEGO creator and television editor, Sam is a stickler for details and perfection in everything he does. Specialising in digital LEGO artwork, he has been commissioned for his creations. He has won prizes and most recently became an exhibiting artist. Sam uses his work to highlight the LGBTQIA+ community and playfully refers to himself as a member of the “GayFOL community”.

A funny, enthusiastic and positive person, Sam’s creations are full of humour, colour and life. His dream build involves a scene of living junk food being chased down by an unruly pack of seagulls on a beach.

Oh, and Sam is a writer here at!

Emilio –

Emilio, a visual merchandiser and DJ, has a keen eye for aesthetics and colour coordination. As a natural creative, LEGO provides another outlet for his imagination to run wild and bring his ideas to life.

Extroverted, down to earth and never one to take anything too seriously. He jokes that as an adult he still feels like a kid in a candy LEGO store, begging his parents for more bricks to play with.

He hopes to one day create a fully functional disco ball. With three sections showcasing different eras in musical history: 1970s disco, 1980s dance and 1990s pop.

Despite their differences, Sam and Emilio think alike, sharing common ideas for their creations and bouncing ideas off each other.

After two years of love and joint LEGO building teamship, they have found their cool and colourful groove, making them formidable opponents for the other contestants this season.

Find them on instagram:

Sam – @Ranga_Bricks

Emilio – TBD


Charlie (VIC) & Haley (QLD)

Solo builders Charlie and Hayley will be a force to be reckoned with when paired for the first time in this season’s battle of the best.

Having achieved fabulous success in both their LEGO accomplishments and personal careers. This young female duo are ready to front up against some of the toughest competition LEGO Masters Australia has ever seen.

Charlie Haley - LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 - Brick Banter

Charlie –

At the age of 19, Charlie is the first ever female Master Model Builder in the Southern hemisphere and one of only three in the world. In addition to studying marketing at university, she works as a professional builder at the LEGO Land Discovery Centre in Melbourne.

Endearing, modest and confident, Charlie describes building as her art form and creative expression. Priding herself on the aesthetics of her builds, she follows instinctively from an image in her mind rather than planning or following a pattern.

With a high level of attention to detail and a deep love for mosaics, Charlie’s dream build would be an enormous flower wall. Made up of technic and classic bricks, vibrant patterns, pastel colours and lots of greenery.

Haley –

A full-time accountant and modern-day beauty queen. Hayley currently holds the title of Miss Australia International and Miss Charity Australia. One of six children, she grew up in rural Queensland with fly-in fly-out parents.

With a remote upbringing and not a lot of access to technology, Haley spent her free time immersed in the world of colourful bricks. Constructing her own imaginative creations.

With three degrees to her name, Hayley is an extremely accomplished high achiever. The pageantry work allows her to engage with her charities of choice. She is committed to the importance of giving something back and inspiring others to do the same.

Despite her Disney princess look and sunny demeanour, Hayley is unapologetic in her drive and determination to succeed at everything she does.

Find them on instagram:

Charlie – @Charlieedinneen

Haley – TBD


Eric & Ben (NSW)

Charismatic and entertaining buddies, Ben and Eric bonded over their love of bricks while working at a LEGO store together.

This ragtag duo is creative and goofy, and they spend around 20 hours a week building. They have a particular interest in smaller custom vignettes, taking apart official kits and turning them into something else entirely.

While they sometimes disagree on Minifig placement, their partnership is the perfect balance of fun and imagination.

They are ready to take their skills out of the LEGO retail space and into the Masters arena.

Ben Eric - LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 - Brick Banter

Ben –

University student and LEGO store employee Ben is sociable, outgoing, and loves to have a laugh. Always cracking jokes and never taking himself too seriously, LEGO has been part of his life for as long as he can remember.

One of four children, he grew up on the Central Coast of New South Wales before moving to Newcastle. Ben describes LEGO Masters Australia as the brick version of the Olympics. He is ready to showcase his impressive skills to viewers across the country.

Eric –

Friendly, witty, perfectionist Eric is the manager of a New South Wales LEGO store. His love of bricks provided him with a safe space throughout his childhood and has continued to be a creative outlet into his adult life.

Working with LEGO and talking about it every day is a dream come true for him. Describing his building style as natural but unpredictable, his best creations pertain to his favourite franchises, such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Indiana Jones.

Honest and never one to shy away from a challenge, Eric’s determination is bound to rise to the surface during the competition.

With a love for storytelling via LEGO, Ben and Eric have a handful of humorous ideas they are ready to bring to life. Such as a large-scale, 10,000-brick monkey build titled Banana Economy.

But do not be fooled by their silly and animated nature. They are competitive to their core and say their penchant for winning. Mixed with their comedy tendencies, is a dangerous mix to be reckoned with.

Find them on instagram:

Eric – TBD

Ben – TBD


Dianne & Shane (WA)

Existing in a realm far from the ordinary. Mother and son Dianne and Shane are ready to showcase their unique relationship and building skills on the LEGO® Masters Australia stage.

They are more than just family. These two are an inseparable team. With a connection forged through a shared love of creativity, competition and enchantment. This Disney princess and mathematics whizz spark joy not just in their builds, but in everything they do.

Shane Dianne - LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 - Brick Banter

Dianne –

A vivacious teacher’s assistant by day, Dianne radiates a true passion for life. With a love of all things magical, her obsession with Disney has extended into a unique dress-up collection, with Tinker Bell reigning as her favourite alter ego.

Caring and giving, with a heart of gold, Dianne’s husband and three children are her entire world and remain the thing she is most proud of.

Shane –

Shane describes his mother as a “real-life Barbie doll”, which is a testament to her colourful and effervescent personality. He is the yin to Dianne’s yang. A hospitality professional and former academic prodigy. A wizard with numbers and was ranked in the top three mathematicians nationwide during his school years.

Despite such rare prowess, Shane shines in the world of imagination and spends around 15 hours a week building his LEGO creations. Alongside his 11-year-old son and Dianne.

With bricks bridging the gap between generations, Shane likes to construct an original piece of LEGO art. Which Dianne then sprinkles her unique touch upon, in true fairy grandmother style.

With an attention to detail that turns Dianne and Shane’s builds into bespoke pieces of art, their work radiates a sense of wonder.

They are hoping to construct their dream creation in the LEGO Masters arena. A fantasy castle enveloped by exquisite gardens, drawing inspiration from 1980s fantasy and sci-fi films.

If Dianne gets her way, their imaginative brick world will be ruled by the ethereal presence of fairies. Preferably with Tinker Bell holding centre stage.

Find them on instagram:

Dianne – TBD

Shane – TBD


Camille & Caroline (France)

Semi-finalists in Season 3 of LEGO Masters France. Siblings Camille and Caroline are back for another crack at LEGO glory on the other side of the world. After placing third in 2022, they are hoping that with an extra year of building under their belts.

2024 might see them inching higher up the brick totem pole and into the winning position.

Camille Caroline- LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 - Brick Banter

LEGO Masters France Season 3 Finalists

Camille –

A psychiatrist, father and husband, Camille has loved LEGO since he was six years old. With a busy professional and personal life to juggle, he does not have a lot of time to dedicate to his LEGO craft.

Despite this, he owns a countless number of bricks and has gone so far as to build bedside tables out of them. He is most proud of a grand railway he created at home, which is also his biggest build to date.

Funny, gentle and kind, Camille says that his children are his proudest achievement. He will miss them greatly while competing in Australia.

Caroline –

A full-time graphic design student, his sister Caroline’s days consist of studying and creating things. Her best and most joyful LEGO build to date was the giraffe featured in Season 3 of LEGO Masters France. But she hopes to top this one day by building a full-size bed made entirely out of bricks.

Her proudest accomplishment was being accepted into the university where she currently studies. But adding the title of LEGO Masters Australia winner to her name would be a welcome addition to her growing list of accolades.

Describing their LEGO styles as chaotic and random, Camille and Caroline’s biggest strengths are the stories behind their builds. While their weaknesses are in time management. Their strategy is to simply have fun and build what they want to.

In their spare time they hope to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and visit the local Aldi, because who doesn’t love an international supermarket!

Find them on instagram:

Camille – @Camille_LEGOMasters

Caroline – @Caroline_Perrotte


Ida & Peter (Denmark)

Hailing from the original home of LEGO, Danish team Peter and Ida have one strategy when it comes to tackling the Australian competition: have fun. Quirky, bright, playful friends, the duo were runners up on Season 2 of LEGO Masters Denmark.

They met during a live action roleplay (LARP) where Peter was dressed as a minotaur and Ida as a gnome. They have been friends ever since and continue to partake in this eccentric hobby, attending events, preparing sets and designing costumes together.

Peter Ild- LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 - Brick Banter

LEGO Masters Denmark Season 2 Finalists

Ida –

Married with two children, Ida is a kindergarten teacher by day and LEGO enthusiast by night. With a happy and bubbly personality, she says her greatest achievement is her family. She takes her role of being a parent very seriously and nothing brings her more joy than the responsibility of raising her girls, Røskva and Verdande.

With a speciality in building quirky cartoon characters, Ida is best known for her Lime Green Jeep Stolen by Two Giraffes creation. Most recently she created a replica of a ceramic zodiac statue titled The Aquarius, which was designed by Royal Copenhagen and remains the build she is most proud of to this day.

Peter –

Juggling five children and a career as a social worker, Peter has his hands full. Funny and kind by nature, his favourite LEGO creations involve anything that provides inspiration to people.

With a massive 60 kilos of LEGO to his name, his best build to date is Dare to Dream: a collection of flightless birds with a vision of being airborne. The masterpiece is currently exhibited at the world-famous LEGO Campus in Denmark.

Arriving in Australia for the first time, Ida and Peter are excited to have another opportunity at taking out the LEGO Masters title.

The Opera House is also at the top of their tourist bucket list. Visiting the grand design of Danish architect Jørn Utzon feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Find them on instagram:

Ida – @Ida8Mia

Peter – @Just.Fun.And.Games


Annalena & Felix (Germany)

These fitness fanatics and winners of LEGO® Masters Germany Season One are ready to show Australia what they are made of. Friends Felix and Annalena wowed the judges back in 2020 with their pop-up Storybook build, comprised of foxes, fairies and a whole lot of magic.

Their technical abilities and intricate detailing were their greatest strength, but will they have what it takes to claim victory a second time around?

Felix Annelena- LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 - Brick Banter

LEGO Masters Germany Season 1 Winners

Annalena –

Annalena met her building partner Felix 10 years ago at a track and field training day. Super-fit with a passion for rugby, she is currently studying sports science and previously competed in the 2020 season of Ninja Warrior Germany.

A skilled freestyle LEGO sculptor, her strengths lie in the creation of organic figures, while motorised builds tend to test her limits. Pragmatic and ambitious, Annalena is quick to put her mind to whatever goal she is chasing, and plans to approach the competition step by step and brick by brick.

Felix –

Positive, happy and kind, Felix is at university studying to become a politics and sports teacher. With no specific style to his LEGO approach, he sees his flexibility as a competitive advantage, with an openness to tackle every obstacle thrown his way.

He believes that LEGO Masters Australia attempts the largest and coolest challenges in the world and is ready to take his building abilities to new heights.

While he will miss his boyfriend who remains back home in Germany, Felix is excited to explore Sydney’s beaches and catch a wave or two in the early morning surf.

See their previous builds – 

LM Germany S01E01-03  – LM Germany Season 1 Finale

Find them on instagram:

Annalena – @AnnalenaRohr

Felix – @FelixGeisi


Krystle & Michelle (USA)

LEGO building superstars Krystle and Michelle are teaming up for the first time to represent America in this season’s intercontinental competition. Both hailing from Texas, Krystle competed in Season One of LEGO Masters USA and Michelle appeared in Season Two.

Krystle Michelle- LEGO Masters Australia Season 6 - Brick Banter

Krystal –

LEGO Masters USA Season 1, 7th place & Season 2 Christmas Special Winner

A regular fixture at Comic-Con with an impressive online following, Krystle is a cosplayer, video game designer, web host and YouTuber. Free spirit and brick enthusiast, she placed fifth in Season One of LEGO Masters USA and first in the 2023 Celebrity LEGO Masters Holiday Bricktacular Special.

Lover of all things fantasy, she dreams of one day building a LEGO unicorn and specialises in Christmas-themed creations. Her largest build is the Star Wars Ewok Village, which is made up of just under 2,000 pieces.

In her spare time Krystle teaches adults with disabilities at the Texas not-for-profit organisation My Possibilities and likes to meditate with her lizards in her Tiki Bar.

Michelle –

LEGO Masters USA Season 2, 4th place

A creative artist, wife and mother of four, Michelle placed fourth in Season Two of LEGO Masters USA. She often spends up to 40 hours a week finessing her brickwork skills and says a LEGO chandelier is her most impressive creation to date.

With a colourful and perfectly organised room in her house dedicated to her enormous LEGO collection, she hopes to one day recreate a Disney theme park made entirely out of bricks.

While Krystle’s building style is messy, Michelle is vigilant about building clean, making for interesting teamwork with this Southern duo. They are not entering the competition with a solid strategy. They are simply hoping to have fun, make more international LEGO friends, and explore everything Australia has to offer.

See their previous builds – 

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Find them on instagram:

Krystal – @Krystlestarrx

Michelle – @TheBuildingBelles


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