LEGO Masters U.S

Season 2 Episode 11 – Recap

Cliffhanger Challenge

We are finally reaching the end of the second season of LEGO Masters US. The semi-finals are here and with it comes a cliffhanger of a challenge! Literally. Called to the workroom by a herald of LEGO trumpets the stage is set for something castel-y. Outcomes Brickmaster Jamie in a suit of armour to announce Princess Amy and Lord William the Great.

Castles are the theme of the day. But instead of building a scene off the baseplate, the teams have a sheer vertical cliff with ten two-studs-out bricks poking out in which to connect their castle to. The team with the longest castle will automatically get into the finale. The remaining teams are judged on aesthetics, story and technical mastery.

The judges encourage them to be daring and to push their skills and given they are one episode away from the grand finale, they really need to show they are LEGO Masters. they have twelve hours.

The Builds

Zack and Wayne – Heaven’s Castle

Featuring multiple big builds supported by very little this team is in their element in creating a big and strong scene. They are aiming to get as long as possible to They tap into their Asian heritage to create a castle that’s aiming to be far off the edge as possible. Taking a risk they put the main pagoda in the middle with a fear it might overload the beams.

The judges do remind them that a cliffhanger story is also a requirement. The castle slowly turns into a homage to Wayne’s friend who passed away from cancer who stands on the pinnacle with his bike. Amy sees it as a brilliant tribute to his friend. They comment on how far the castle comes out as well as the fact the main structure in the middle.

Jamie loves the detailing on the roof with the pipes and the round bricks threaded through. He does note the main wall still has several studs on the side and feels they could have been put to better use with more things attached.

Mark and Steven – Gem Mine Castle

Dubbing themselves the Castle Bros, the team has a record of showing off castle builds at LUG events and competitions. They have their reputation on the cliff. Having a small track record of strength being a weak point the duo are determined engineering fails are not to get the better of them in this challenge.

With no golden brick in their possession, the stress is on. A dragon that lives in a castle is defending the gem miners who are raiding its horde and the length of the castle is defined by the railway tracks leading out.= Jamie praises the build for breaking the team’s streak of having a realistic approach to their builds by going into a form that’s more imaginative.

They love the detailing such as the borders and the storybook feel. Amy hones in on the dragon and notes that it’s missing wings and feels a bit flat

Natalie and Michelle – Kid’s Cardboard Castle

Knowing they have some very strong technical builders as their opponents they focus on storytelling. They settle on the idea of using a cardboard box coming out of the cliff with all sorts of childish accoutrements. They also need something that extends out, so focus on creating a telescope.

This is proving a challenge with their know-how of technic being a bit low. Jamie gives them points for taking a risk of creating drawings in brick on the sides of the cardboard boxes. But they point out the telescope hasn’t come out as far as it could, but praises their accomplishment given the lack of technic involved.

Caleb and Jacob – Collapsing Castle

Being aware that there’s a big risk of the end falling over they aim to build this concept into their creation with a castle bridge falling over. With these two also having a reputation for creating castles they do a throwdown to Mark and Steven to claim the title of Castle Bros if they win. The judges drop by and notice there’s a section that is beginning to pull away from the wall.

The team is focusing on creating a strong base before adding castle elements to it. Their final story is about a jousting competition that goes wrong with a guy fishing off the end of the span which is causing it to collapse from the weight of his catch.

Jamie loves how fun and beautiful the build is with the castle being made in bold colours of yellow and brown that stand out against the grey rock. The engineering in having the end of the span droop is also complemented.

The Verdict

The final four have lined up to hear who comes across and who doesn’t. The teams are all commended on creating amazing towers. Firstly the castles are measured to see who’s is the longest is. At six feet is Zack and Wanye. Now the final three are judged on their storytelling and aesthetics. The Brickmasters favourite build turns out to be Caleb and Jacobs’s bringing them into the finale.

Also taking the title of the new Castle Bros. The final build that gets chosen to send the team into the finale, is Mark and Steven. With Michelle and Natalie sadly going home. Natalie passes on to Amy how her daughter saw that she worked at LEGO and sees the Brickmaster as an inspiration that anyone can work there.

Amy thanks them and reminds them that this duo is also an inspiration to many who have seen their awesome creations over this season.

Next week’s – The Grand Finale of LEGO Masters US, Season 2!

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