Flip My Block Challenge

LEGO Masters USA – Flip My Block Challenge – S02E10 Recap. The final four teams have empty lots with a picket fence house to get transformed from “drab to fab”. With the judges looking for ideas as wild as possible as well as use lots of technic movements to create their dream home and the occupants of it.

Jamie extrapolates that the teams have to use all of the bricks that are in the existing house on the plot. But mid-way there’s a twist. Four crates bearing a piece that needs to be used in a neat way arrive. These pieces must be incorporated in a clever way.

The Builds

Zack and Wayne – Flying Pig

Having shown their strengths with power functions right from the first episode with the amazing dragon and their windmill that powered the wind build the team is excited to get going. They opt for creating a pink pig based on the colour of the house.

The judges remind them to keep in mind the existing house’s form. Inside their NPU crates are purple snowboards which they use to add feathers to the pig’s wings.

The use of three major motion elements: wings. Rotating model and propellors wow the judges along with having a pig get used. But the build does suffer from being a bit blocky in its finishing.

Mark and Steven – Rock n Roll Haunted House

Deciding on a haunted house. They decide to push it further and decide to go all out with a rock and roll theme added to really push their imagination. Inside their NPU crate are cups. Steven is pretty familiar with coffee cups as he has used them in challenges before. They opt to use them as fence decoration and as teeth for the plant monster.

Feeling unsure they will win the team finally gives up the golden brick and grants themselves immunity. The judges love how kooky the build is with some great movement being used.

But it’s also pointed out that the house needed some more colour to the detailing as the core of it is beige. Jamie also comments how good the parts usage is for the mugs and how they were used for two elements. The fence and plant monster teeth.

Natalie and Michelle – Under the Big Top

The team decided to completely rework the house and turn it into a circus big top complete with additions such as popcorn machines. They are working through some ideas for motion hoping to get some spotlights to sway around. But struggle with the technical elements. They get some pink hair in their NPU crate.

Quickly click onto the idea of using them as cotton candy bushes. They wheel out the model…and it fails to start. A few pokes and prods and the tent spins to life with whirling spotlights. Amy loves the setting of a giant circus that moves and loves the cotton candy trees.

She also comments on the splashes of pink feeling a bit underwhelming against the red and white that dominates the build. Jamie also loves the model with the humour and elements as well build areas like the popcorn machine. But notes overall the circular motion is a bit too repetitive and simple and challenges them to try more complex movements.

Caleb and Jacob – Ski Resort

Taking cues from their time growing up in Wisconsin, they are going for a ski resort looking at ski lifts and garage doors as motion elements. Their initial plan to have the roof lift off gets scaled back as they realize time is slowly gaining against them. In their NPU crate, they get snakes and are stumped on how to use them.

After some panic and plotting, they settle on using them as roof textures as well as using snakes as lava. Feeling a bit low in morale they decide to step up the extreme build level and create a volcano.

Wheeling it out the final build is praised for the ambition of the volcano and having a working ski lift.

They are also given points for using the snakes as lava and decorative elements on the houses. Jamie notes that the chairlift is bare and needs a minifig and notes the detailing on the buildings was a bit too plain.

The Verdict

With Mark and Stephen immune, the final three are asked to step forward. The top and bottom two are- well nobody. This isn’t an elimination build and all four move onto the next round, the semi-finals of LEGO Masters US, season 2.

Next week – The Long Castle challenge as the teams race to the finals.


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