LEGO Masters U.S

Season 2 Episode 12 – Recap

Grand Finale!

We are finally here! The final three teams have arrived at the grand finale of the second series of LEGO Masters US. And probably for the first time in LEGO Masters history, all three teams are brothers. The team has 24-hours to blow the judges away with their master build. But unlike other seasons they’re not just building whatever, but they have to have two builds. One that works with the lights on and the other with the lights out.

The intention is to surprise the judges when the model goes dark. In addition to the trophy, the $100,000, and the title of LEGO Masters, the winning build will also get put on display at LEGOland Florida.

The Builds

Zack and Wayne – Pagoda Of Our Lives

The brothers are creating a towering pagoda with two dragons intertwining as multiple levels light up to reveal aspects of their lives. But the dragon’s complexity is quickly realized as being possibly too complex. The judges drop by and remind them they really need to push themselves. They also point out the story needs to be deep, and another dragon? Upon display, the day has the two dragons wrapped around the pagoda which leads up to a dragon’s gate. On the inside are various moments of the brother’s lives such as ninjas and Fu dogs, their sushi restaurant, archery, and their family. These are also lit up at night with the intention of the small montages being the focus.

Mark and Steven – Warden Of The Woods

A giant tree man who’s wandering over the landscape and at night nocturnal creatures and animals come to life. It’s inspired by the pair’s love of wandering around forests as kids. The size is worrying them a bit as well as getting all of the technical challenges, such as light-up water and the complexity of getting the landscape and the giant right. With 15 minutes remaining, Steven accidentally trips on the power cord and yanks out a power connector sending the team into worry if none of the light-up elements work…but thankfully a test proves things are still working.

Caleb and Jacob – The Lands Of Time

They are creating two worlds contained within a giant hourglass with one build flipped upside down. The judges drop by and notice the size is already wowing them. But they wonder if the space is enough to really tell the story. Can they add a bit more extra? The team also worries if the weight of the top half is going to collapse when it’s turned upside down. But their luck holds out and the two haves get joined. The bottom half also features segments that spin.

The Verdict

And now for the final decisions. For third place, Caleb and Jacob.

And the winners of LEGO Masters Season 2 are Mark and Steven!

Thank you for coming along for the ride for this recap of Season 2 of US LEGO Masters. Keep an eye out for other LEGO Masters recaps.

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