We have two challenges this week. First up each team gets a stack of bricks and must build the tallest tower possible. The winner gets an advantage for the main challenge.

LEGO Masters Sweden

Season 2 Episode 3 – Tall build & TV show Challenge Recap

Week three of our return to see Sweden’s potential LEGO Masters battle it out. We have two challenges this week. First up each team gets a stack of bricks and must build the tallest tower possible. The winner gets an advantage for the main challenge. Following this, each team then has to create a scene that represents a Swedish TV show. And it is an elimination episode as well.

A crate full of bricks is cracked open and the teams go at it like seagulls to hot chips as they have two hours. Each team starts trying to work out technical ways to build a tower. Brickmaster Magnus points out there are two ways, building straight up or creating longer sections which are then hoisted up in place. Most teams seem to be creating a square base with cross-stacked sections.

He notes that Felix and Vidar are using a snot beam build which consists of beams that are built studs out, and then placed on the side. While it gets tall quickly, it isn’t the most stable. As they raise it their tower bends alarmingly. Jacob and Robin get caught outbuilding sections of bricks to stand on to increase their height, but this seems to be ok with the Brickmaster.


They are building a thin core with an internal support rod. They perilously raise their top section only to have several meters snap off. Joakim and Johan also try to use bricks as stilts, but Johan stacks it, fortunately, no injuries, but their tower loses a few meters needing a massive rebuild. Their second go at the five-minute mark results in the top crashing off.

Viktor and Anton also lose a few pieces of their tower trying to lift the spire high enough but manage on the second try. Joanas and Liv also have an attempt at getting the top of their tower up, with much cheering on from other teams, but sadly a part of it snaps off, with ten minutes remaining. A quick rebuild and it’s back on. Melina and Nathalie design a build that’s in sections.

Their first attempt to get the top half on results in it topping when moving, but they are successful in getting it on top. And finally, Albin and John-Erik who are using a similar thin building design to Jacob and Robin are the last to get theirs on with the final ten seconds ticking away. They succeed, but the top bends off as the timer runs out. The tallest at 4.32 meters goes to Robin and Jacob.

TV Show Challenge

For the main challenge, the teams have to build scenes from well-known Swedish TV shows. In addition to building a scene based off the show, they need to add a well-known character. Robin and Jacob winning the tall build challenge get to pick their own show. They pick Robinson. They also get to pick choices for the others. The teams have ten hours.

The Builds

Albin and John-Erik – Masters Of The Masters

With the pair not being avid TV watchers, this choice worries them as they are not familiar with the concept. This is a physical endurance show where teams must complete with feats of fitness. With the two struggling with their knowledge of the show they recall one person off the show and see if they can base their scene of Ingemar Stenmark winning. Halfway through and their scene looks a little bare are they are focusing on building characters which are taking up time. They bank on getting them finished then focusing on the main scene. Mangus notes they have gotten a good sense of tension in the setting with the characters. But notes the landscape is pretty plain and needs something to elevate it as opposed to being a simple recreation.

Anton and Viktor – MasterChef

Everyone’s favourite show about cooking. They choose to depict the balcony where other contestants are watching the final contestants cook to win. They want to get the set and details right. The team struggles to remember the host’s name, only for Mari to contact the host who reminds them that it’s Markus Aujalay. But midway through they are noting their scene feels dull and a bit flat. Magnus loves how fun the scene is with elements like the oven on fire, water going everywhere along with the fantastic wall. But there are elements that fall flat, the stairs feel unfinished and the scene, in general, is very brown as well as the back pantry having lots of action, but can’t be seen from the front.

Jonas and Liv – Prisoners At The Fort

Liv was secretly hoping to get this and she is delighted to be given it. Prisoners is a challenge-based TV show where contestants at a sea fort must complete physical challenges to win keys to unlock the treasure. There’s a lot of elements to the scene and distinct characters such as Madame Foura who watches from a tower. Jonas wonders if they are building too big, but Liv reminds him it’s go big or go home. Magnus enjoys this build. He notes how they have used a curved build to accentuate the fort as well as creating characters who are amusing and posed dynamically as well as the tigers. But they get some criticism with some empty spaces where more characters from the show could have been added.

Jacob and Robin – Robinson

Robinson is what Survivor became. The team elects to build a beach with the voting circle in the background and the host looming over the scene. Jacob decides to take on the task of building a giant Anders Öfvergård. With the golden brick in their possession, they do have an out. But decide to keep it. Magnus drops by and notes that there’s a ton of greenery and it might be detracting from the focus of the story. Magnus gives them points for how they’ve created Anders. But he points out the greenery is still overbearing and the scenes on the beach are getting swamped by the bushes. But overall it’s a good approach.

Felix and Vidar – Sweden’s Got Talent

The two set to work creating an interactive buzzer desk with light-up crosses. They are having some trouble making the golden buzzer work. They touch base with Albin who comes up with a solution. Magnus pops by and notes that the scene has a lot of black dominating the stage. Felix mentions they’ll fix it. There are some tech issues with the golden buzzer, but they reckon they have it fixed. But during the reveal, the buzzer fails to deploy the confetti Magnus loves how well the characters are as well as the scene. But too much black is in the scene making feel too dark.

Joakim and Johan – Farmer Needs A Wife

They are going for a bit of humour with the farmer looking for a wife, but neglecting the state of the farm.

Halfway through and they have a big feature barn and tractor but the rest of the stage feels empty. Magnus notes the barn’s roof is a bit bland and obvious farm features like fences are missing. The roof gets a rebuild. Magnus commends them on the humour and fun the scene has along with the detailing like the hay bales and trees. But notes there are elements that are a bit too simple like the tree and the scene feeling flat in general. He adds that the depiction of the host is a bit wonky.

Melina and Nathalie – Melody Festival

Melody Festival is like a mini Swedish version of Eurovision. The pair are a bit unsure how to depict this as they haven’t seen the show for a few years and are a bit stuck on how to bring it to life beyond the basics of the stage. They settle on Carola singing “Stranger”. They are planning to add a bit of motion by having the audience dance around by using platforms that move.

As the clock ticks down they troubleshoot final technical hiccups on their dancing crowd.

Magnus gives points for their efforts in capturing Carola’s look as well as the scoreboard with the presenter and the stage having a moving ground. But he notes it feels a bit small, given it’s a stadium event. There are also a few issues with colour being mainly black.

The Verdict

With the builds judged it’s time to call up the top two. Magnus points out two teams that had a bit extra in their creations: Liv and Jonas who’s creations had loads of personality and evoked the setting. The second team is Johan and Joakim. Magnus notes that despite it all they had captured details and had a sense of fun in their scene with bold colours. The winning team is Johan and Joakim. But a team has to go. The bottom two are Albin and John-Erik, who get points for capturing the intensity of the event, but not in a way that pops out. Melina and Natalie who did capture the mood of the event, but the quality was a bit over the shop. The team that goes home: Albin and John-Erik.

Next week – new challenges await! Can the teams build a replica pear, with one blind? As well as keep it together with the tower shake challenge.

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