LEGO Masters Sweden

Season 2 Episode 8 – Season 2 Finale!

We are finally here! Over eight weeks we have seen eight teams compete to become Sweden’s new LEGO Masters. Now we are down to their last battle. A bit of a recap of who we have left.

Jonas and Liv

These two were paired up for the show and had a few teething problems early on with differing styles of building and a few communication issues. But the two sorted things out and have made some incredible builds, such as the hot air balloon. Have they gotten their teamwork honed to bring in the trophy?

Felix and Vidar

A highly creative team they have set themselves apart with bright and creative builds along with bringing ambition to their builds with the hanging puppet. Can they create something that brings the win?

Jacob and Robin

The technical wizards. From their amazing temple snake to the incredible use of floats and pulleys in the underwater challenge. This team is sure to put their best technical tricks to work.

As with all grand finales, there’s no twist or assignment. Everyone has the freedom to build whatever they want. They do have to start off by building a test model within an hour with 22 hours after to create their creation.

Returning as a guest judge is Bea Szenfeld, a fashion designer. She is casting her eye overlooking a build that is bold in its design and creativity. She also is keeping an eye on teamwork as a strong team will help the build. Bea also comments on how the prototype is key in helping out a design as it allows the teams to identify tricky parts to build.

The Builds

Jonas and Liv – Fantasy Land Tree

The team settled for a fantasy land centred around a tree which allows them to build and bring colour. Bea notes the sprawling layout could be a strength or a weakness with things being too spread out to be cohesive. Magnus isn’t sure about the story that is being told. With the clock ticking the team deliberate on trying to adapt the scale from their prototype.

Jonas is insisting everything needs to be pitch-perfect and is worried the story is lacking Liv gets a bit lost as the tensions rise. Being aware of the time both pick an element of their build and starts focusing on it in the hopes a story will emerge. As the first quarter of time ends Jonas suggests a golem breaking out of the ground.

Liv wants the water running through to be magical and Magnus comes by to ask what does this mean, what magical powers are in the waters and why. Liv decides that the water makes them fly. Magnus and Bea chat to the side and note the logic to their story is a bit thin.


As they settle on the characters a story begins to emerge and the two start working smoother creating an assortment of objects to help decorate the stage. Magnus wonders if all these elements are too scattershot to tell a solid story.

Judging time! The two nervously explain their story. How a queen rules the land and gives the water magical powers that makes the elves fly. But this power also attracts creatures from the underground who fight the queen.

Magnus congratulates them with creating a massive object of the tree that works as a centerpiece along with lots of neat building tricks such as the water having depth and the lava burning the ground. He also praises the colour of the world. But he points out the story still isn’t cohesive. The magical water doesn’t look magical and some of the side characters don’t really work, such as the mushrooms.

Jacob and Robin – Samurai Dragons

A Japanese setting with two dragons fighting each other around a mountain along with a pair of samurai fighting in the foreground. Bea checks out their prototype and notes that it has movement and dynamism and this is important to keep when upscaling the model.

They start building and discover elements that need adjustments in scale. The team reflect on the strong bond they have developed over the eight weeks. Jacob has celebrated by getting “LEGO LOVE” tattooed on his knuckles along with a matching brick for Robin.

As they get their dragons together Magnus notes the building method of linked sections is very similar to the snake in their early builds and the octopus. He wants something to wow him.


The team also picks up that their story is a bit weak, two fighting dragons isn’t really cutting it, so they decide to revise it to be an analogy of the pair fighting for the trophy. Bea and Magnus note that the change may be drastic but it adds clarity to the story. Disaster strikes as the dragon’s head falls off, forcing Jacob to spend another half hour or more rebuilding.

With three hours remaining the team carefully place the two dragon heads with Magnus watching closely.

As the timer runs out the two give each other one big hug of thanks. Robin is a bit emotional with the end finally here after so many long weeks of building.

Magnus praises them on how strong the visual nature of the scene is with the dragons being a core draw. He also notes the finer details such as the gate. The worry of the story elements are allayed as Magnus sees what they were going for. He does comment on the rock being a bit too well finished and not hewn.

Felix and Vidar – Movie Reel

They want to tell the story of movie making as sections of a film reel are used to tell different stories. The prototype does allow for the team to work out the technical basics in their build, but Magnus warns that round builds make for difficult viewing and encourages them to find a way to have the build rotate to facilitate the storytelling.

The team start upscaling their work, getting a fast start having worked out the maths for the angles on the smaller model. But the scale of the build increases to something massive leading Magnus and Bea to notice the scale which impresses Bea. But Magnus wonders if the size will create issues. Dropping by he notes some segments of their reel have detailed scenes, while others don’t and encourages them to come up with more details. All around their build is a track which they have built a dolly to travel on. But as Vidar tests it, it runs off the rails and crashes into the ground, with an hour left.

The team points out some details they love, such as the green screen room having the final result on a monitor and the person holding up the rope for the vampire as well as a rolling screen to mimic a car chase. Magnus applauds the details with tons of little easter eggs and elements like the car chase with detail like the wind in the driver’s hair or the blue screen suit guy in the green screen room. But he notes the build has a few drawbacks. The sectioned areas don’t really allow for easy viewing as you have to really walk around to get it all in. He really regrets that it doesn’t spin. This became a problem as the sheer size of the model made it too heavy.

The Verdict

With the three teams having their works judged it’s time to finally announce the winners of LEGO Masters Sweden. All three are praised for their amazing builds and the tough decision Mangus has to make.

And so the winners of LEGO MAsters Sweden Season 2 are…

Vidar and Felix!

Congratulations to them and to all the other contestants from all of us here at CheepJokes

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