LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 12 Grand Finale challenge Final Builds Brick Banter

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

Challenge – ‘Grand Finale’

In the LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Grand Finale, the final three teams create amazing builds of their choosing. With 200 LEGO Masters Australia super-fans, along with Brickman voting, to determine the ultimate winners of LEGO® Masters 2024!

As always, in a massive 28-hour build, as always, teams can build whatever they like!

Dianne & Shane (WA) – Australia

Australians Dianne and Shane are going for a more mature and conceptual build. Called Final Frontier, and astronaut has crashed on an alien planet and is looking out to a floating alien planet. Going with forced perspective, elements of the build will look like their floating, with no translucent bricks to be seen.

Brickman’s Judging

Brickman describes their build in one word, as ‘art’. A huge compliment for the only Aussie team! He knows they have a vision from a colour perspective, loving the contrast! They nailed the force perspective, and am amazed with it being a 1 man story, being the spaceman. A fantastic build by the Aussies!

Krystle & Michelle – USA

With Michelle loving to build in life-size, team USA are creating an Art Studio, with full size paintings, paint splatters, the full works! The goal is for when people see it, they won’t know the build is made from LEGO bricks. It’s going to be first, a build that’s diaplayed on the floor, and taller than the builders!

Brickman’s Judging

Brickman is impressed, knowing the team used over 20,000 bricks to build the wall alone. Plus the excitement of finding the first Minifigure in the build. He does feel the power functions are really needed.

Annalena & Felix – Germany

Annalena and Felix are building a Fairy Village, with a giant mythical creature, surrounded by fairies telling stories. The fairies will have their own homes. With Annalena being really strong with brick-built models, it’s bound to be impressive.

Brickman’s Judging

Brickman says, with a fantasy build, there is no rule book. Which is perfect for this team! In a very smart move, they made all the fairies very posable. But, Brickman feels the black sticks holding them up are too obvious, and maybe white could have been a better choice. He is very impressive by the sculpting on the creature and the land.

Final Judging

With 200 of the public in the room to watch, they have cast their votes and ready to hear the winner!

In third place, with a brilliant finale build, is Shane & Dianne from Australia. I feel like this team had amazing growth throughout the build, plus their team work as mother and son was fantastic.

But, it’s what we all came here for, the winner, of LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World is Krystle and Michelle from the USA! Building something in the likes we have never seen before on LEGO Masters, a free standing, life-size build really stood out. This team is also the first all female team to win LEGO Masters anywhere in the world!

A huge congratulations to all the teams who had the opportunity to compete!

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 12 Grand Finale challenge Final Builds Brick Banter


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