LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 11 Lily Pads challenge Final Builds Brick Banter

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

Challenge – ‘Lily Pads’

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World, each team is to bring to life their own floating Lily Pad featuring a specific colour palette, set on a tranquil and lush pond.

The tricky art however, they must float! Meaning the balance of the bricks is key. Plus to top it off, it must fit into the scenery.

The teams will be given a specific colour to dominate their build that they must work with.

After winning the Batman challenge, Shane and Dianne get to choose the colours, picking Yellow for themselves.

For Felix and Annalenda, light blue. Ben and Eric get Pink, leaving Michelle and Krystle with Purple.

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 11 Lily Pads challenge Final Builds Brick Banter

Eric & Ben (NSW) – Australia

Colour palette: Pink

Struggling to come up with an idea, Ben and Eric are 1-hour in without a solid idea. Felix stops by to provide some encouragement, and the boys land on a pink bonsai tree and fairy village. With 2-hours now lost, they get to work.

Brickman’s Judging

Brickman feels putting the bird out the top helps the build complete against the size of the other builds, but feels it doesn’t quite suit as well.

Dianne & Shane (WA) – Australia

Colour palette: Yellow

Getting a little whimsical, Dianne and Shane choose to build a giraffe fishing. Getting away from the craziness of it’s everyday life and chilling out.

Brickman’s Judging

Brickman feels the giraffe is a perfect choice. He loves the size of it and thinks it’s a smart move. He gives them a pass on the facial expression, but feels they could have done it better, given more time.

Krystle & Michelle – USA

Colour palette: Purple

Taking inspiration from the wings Krystle has worn for majority of the season, the team are building a purple butterfly. Brickman stopped by early on, suggesting the team goes a little bigger with their wings. They are also popping it on top of a log to get it more height.

Brickman’s Judging

With butterflies in their stomachs, Brickman says that its a gret LEGO model. But spots an unfinished part of the build, with one tile missing.

Annalena & Felix – Germany

Colour palette: Light Blue

Feeling like light blue could be difficult to make pop against the green backdrop, they decide to build a giant evil lizard. It will contain some Minifigure stories, who are under attack from the lizard.

Brickman’s Judging

Recognising it’s the hardest colour, Brickman says they found a way to make it work. He loves the use of NPU throughout the build.

Final Judging

Brickman pulls forward Shane & Dianne as the first team making it through to the finale of LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World. Followed by Felix and Annalena!

Leaving Ben and Eric, alongside Michelle and Krystle. With the decision coming down to lost opportunities (being time), Ben and Eric will be missing out on a finale build.

Heading into tomorrow nights Grand Finale, we have Shane and Dianne from Australia, Felix and Annalena from Germany, and Krystle and Michelle from USA.


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