• Tim and Dannii

Review: LEGO Brick Sketches - Disney - Mickey (40446) & Minnie (40457)

LEGO 40446 Mickey & LEGO 40457 Minnie

Brick Sketches is a recent theme of plated imagery that has captured the likes of characters such as Batman, The Joker, BB-8 and a Stormtrooper. Now we have sketches of the two most famous mice in TV history, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Unlike the theme predecessors, these are two highly cartoony characters who have round and protruding features, so how does it translate to a LEGO Sketch?

Looking at these Sketches, it is without any doubt who they are. The Iconic image of Mickey and Minnie are unmistakable. The layering of plates certainly give a sense of their spherical heads, and the use of the quarter circle tiles with the half oval plate delivers the exact right shape for the cartoony eyes found on all Classic Disney Characters, in fact, they are the whole reason these sketches have a sense of life and expression!