In this review, we delve into the world of LEGO Super Mario with a close look at the Bowser’s Airship 71391 expansion set. Discover how this imaginative set brings families together for hours of interactive enjoyment. Join us as we explore the features, characters, and overall appeal of this captivating addition to the LEGO Super Mario universe.

How we use LEGO Super Mario Bowser’s Airship as a way to enjoy LEGO together as a family. Check out our review.

LEGO 71391 – Super Mario – Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set

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The LEGO Super Mario Experience

While LEGO Super Mario has often been a subject of debate among adult collectors, for us, it has always been a remarkable catalyst for strengthening the bond between adults and children. As we’ve previously mentioned, it offers an ingenious way to engage with LEGO alongside our kids.

Our LEGO Super Mario journey has been tailored to suit the preferences of our eldest daughter, Karliah, who is now 4 years old. However, with the addition of our youngest, Zaidia, who is almost 3, we’ve become a two-player team, thanks to the Luigi Starter course. So, how did they both react to it? Is this set suitable for kids and adults alike? Read on to find out!

Full Disclosure

Before we dive into the details, it’s essential to note that LEGO graciously sent us this set twice by accident, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Originally intended for our kids, now they each have their very own set!

About Bowser’s Airship

Bowser’s Airship stands out as one of the most engaging and visually striking sets in the LEGO Super Mario lineup. The combination of neat packaging that transforms into Bowser’s iconic airship is a clever touch.

For kids, this set offers numerous play features, starting with the ‘pipe,’ which doubles as a cannon launching the heroes high into the air. We love that the timer begins upon launch, playing the iconic Super Mario 3 music for Bowser’s Airship, along with adjustment noises as you tilt the cannon.

Interactive Features

Once aboard, the airship boasts several interactive elements. The first propeller tower, when stomped upon by Mario or Luigi, goes flying off – a feature our youngest, Zaidia, adored. The second tower includes a giant golden Bowser claw, which references New Super Mario Bros U. However, this part’s significance may require some explanation, which is provided by the accompanying app.

Opposite the claw, a white cloud serves as the Magikoopa’s broomstick, allowing Mario or Luigi to jump on it and, with quick rotations, hit the target, dropping the handoff and revealing coins (8 hits = 6 coins).

Rear of the Ship

The rear of the ship features an interactive Bowser head, which, when pushed down, reveals a scannable code. Kids can jump on the head for coins too (8 hits = 6 coins). The standout feature is the POW block, positioned at the helm of the ship. A hard smack on the POW block sends Rocky Wrench soaring. Placing Mario or Luigi in the helm causes the steering wheel to pop up, accompanied by the Super Mario Bros 3 World 5 Map Music, which our kids absolutely loved.

Imaginative Play

They promptly began loading the ships and creating their narratives. Both ships became part of their imaginative world, with the Magikoopa and Goomba serving as crew members. This led to hours of creative play.

But the fun doesn’t stop there for kids. You can disassemble the ship and use the included parts to create your own course. You can even incorporate the gutted boat into the course if you desire. The possibilities are endless.

For Adults

For the adult in me, Bowser’s airship ticks all the right boxes. The iconic cannons, propellers, dark red detailing, and the enlarged Bowser head at the helm create a visually appealing masterpiece.


  1. Magikoopa

    • While the Magikoopa, referred to as “witch” by our children, captures the essence of the character with her face, hat, and wand, her body design feels a bit off. This may be due to her normally not being sleeveless, which is a limitation in terms of parts.
  2. Pirate Goomba

    • This little character is a delight. Although it may seem unusual to add onto a Goomba that can’t be jumped on, clever part usage allows the hat to be removed, making it ready for a stomping.
  3. Rocky Wrench

    • Rocky Wrench serves as a simple but highly effective play feature. It fulfills its purpose seamlessly.


In summary, the Bowser’s Airship 71391 LEGO Super Mario set is a resounding success for kids. LEGO Super Mario has consistently provided parents with engaging ways to use LEGO as a gaming medium with their children, and this set is no exception. It offers action, reaction, storytelling, creativity, and fun, all in one package. It’s an ideal way to bond with your kids while enjoying the LEGO Super Mario experience.

So, whether you’re a seasoned LEGO enthusiast or new to the world of LEGO Super Mario, this set is a winning choice for family fun.


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