The LEGO Masters Australia Audition

Becoming a contestant on LEGO Masters Australia is an unforgettable journey.

I’m Annie, a season 2 contestant, winner of the first elimination, and LEGO Ambassador for ‘MUGs’ (Melbourne LEGO User Group).

A Surprising Invitation

It all began in mid-2019 when I received a phone call asking if I knew any talented LEGO builders who might want to join LEGO Masters.

I recommended a few builders and then they surprised me by asking if I wanted to audition myself. Despite the challenges of having two young kids, I decided to give it a shot.

Finding the Perfect Partner

However, I needed a partner for this adventure. I nervously called Runa and asked her the question, “Will you go on LEGO Masters Australia with me?” To my relief, she said yes.

We filled out forms and embarked on the audition process, which included Skype interviews and an in-person challenge. The experience was exciting, and we built together seamlessly, even amidst the chaos of our LEGO character losing an eyeball while we sipped coffee.

Being a part of the audition process alone felt like a victory. The casting team at Endemol Shine was incredibly supportive and explained the casting process, which gave us a taste of what was to come. A few weeks later, we received the call that we had been shortlisted.

A Dream Come True

The real shocker came when we were told that we were part of the actual program. It was a thrilling moment, and we couldn’t believe we’d be building LEGO on national TV.

We spent time brainstorming our styles, planning builds, and preparing for the competition. We worried about the challenges ahead but decided to focus on having fun. Runa’s positive attitude and willingness to say yes to ideas were invaluable. We developed excellent communication, which was key to our success.

Meeting the cast for the first time was memorable. I hosted a dinner where we bonded over Sichuan food, creating lasting memories.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, there were countless moments of camaraderie. Early mornings, bus rides, and shared breakfasts created a sense of unity among us. I even hosted a Christmas dinner, which was a blast.

Now, let’s talk about the actual building and filming process. Pressure, heat, fear, and adrenaline are constant companions when you’re racing against the clock on LEGO Masters Australia. Achieving that moment when your model works perfectly is incredibly satisfying.

Reflecting on the Journey

Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing about my LEGO Masters journey. The contestants from season two have become like family, and the memories of building, laughter, and friendship will last a lifetime.