LEGO Masters Poland – Christmas Special

While all the bricks may have been packed away, they’re out for one more special time as LEGO Masters Poland returns for a Christmas Special! A Christmas Special has actually been done before. The original UK series had an episode where returning cast members competed alongside celebrities for a light-hearted episode.

Not everyone has returned so we have only three back from the main series split into two teams. Rafal and Damian vs Lucasz and Wiktor. Alongside them are two Polish celebrities; Karolina and Olivier Janiak making for two teams of three.

As the main prize has already been won, the winners will be playing for a charity. The challenge presented is a very familiar one: The Bridge Challenge.

However, we have a Christmas twist with the bridge first needing to support Santa’s sleigh carrying 5kg across then consecutive weights (themed as presents) till it breaks. The teams have four hours!

The Builds

Rafal, Karolina, Damian

Using a tried and true technique of triangular technic bracing two levels of a bridge along with supports attached to the sides of the cliff. Festive wise there’s not as much decoration on the main bridge with the most of the decor being a snowy winter.

Wonderland path on the ground and some reindeer on the supporting struts. With Santa delivering 5kg with no issue it’s time for the weigh ride.

The bridge dashes to 30kg showing only a very little bit of flex in the centre. But at 43kg one of the supports finally gives out.

Wikor, Olivier, Lukaz

Their bridge takes a chance by using lots of technic square parts to create a span that’s made up of two strong sides with a surface. But the inside is hollow with no under support. The sides are nicely decorated with garlands and reindeer and elves hang out in a candy cane forest underneath.

A nice touch are the giant icicles hanging off the bridge. The sleigh is loaded and crawls across its 5kg load with no issue. The first 20kg puts a fair amount of flex into the bridge and it manages to hold on through 30kg owing to the sides offloading much of the lateral forces. With the snot design and a strong technic core, but the edges begin to rise off.

But at 45kg the bridge topples over from the weight. Much of the sides remained well intact from the fall.

As the fake snow falls in the studio (coating Broadaty Geek’s beard) the cast wish you all a happy Christmas, and so does the team here at CheepJokes.


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