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Season 3 Episode 4 – Recap

LEGO Masters contestants enter the studio to discover they are faced with two challenges. The first will get them an advantage in the second build, but the second build is an elimination. Bear with us, it’s a long one, but a good one!

Challenge 1 of 2

Fantastical Beasts Challenge

Hamish is wearing the coolest sweater in the world ($436) and he’s standing between two epic animal wheels. What could this mean?! Tonight’s first challenge is ‘Fantastical Beasts’. The wheel is spun by each team and the two animals selected must then be used to create a fictitious new animal, mashing the two together. For this challenge, teams have just 6 hours.

Fantastical Beasts & Mission To Mars – Hamish Blake

LEGO Masters Australia Season3

The Builds

Anthony & Jess – Pig Flamingo

Anthony and Jess have decided to literally squash their animals together and see what happens. A single flamingo leg holds up the pig bird and its cute little snout shows an expression of sadness because his legs are both so different. Poor little thing!

David & Gus – Walrus Flamingo

Gus whips into action teaching David about the Walrus. He knows the animal but isn’t confident with its English name. Side note, did you know David is a Colombian movie star? The two decide to work with the elegant figure of the flamingo and incorporate Walrus features through tusks, colour palate and some front flippers instead of wings. This model is defying gravity and I love it.

Amy & Dawei – Elephant Scorpion

Hamish is right, you’re never ready to see a man be trunked in the face. Dawei and Amy frantically work to correct a structural error by using ball joints in their Elephant instead of something a little more sturdy. As Dawei lifts the model to inspect, the build collapses onto his face, sending Hamish into comedic first air mode and offering Amy tissues to wipe away tears of concern/laughter.

The build is large and clumsy, but offers a clear interpretation of both elephant and scorpion. Sadly, it just can’t hold its own head up and the ears are sacrificed for presentation.

Harrison & Michael – Spider Bat

Again, Michael and Harrison are delightful and on point with their model. The boys combine a bat and spider to create a rather menacing creature that I would not like to wake up to. Techniques are used to give their model the appearance of hairs and the red eyes and fangs are honestly freaky.

Owen & Scott – Shark Peacock (Peashark)

Scotty and Owen are leading the charge with power functions again and have decided to incorporate a moving head in their peashark. The feathery tail is breathtaking and even Scotty is shocked on his way out of the brick pit when he sees how Owen has positioned the model. Scotty is warned too, that if he knocks it over, Owen will cry on national TV. Brickman is definitely impressed.

Ryan & Gabby – Shark Flamingo (Flark)

Ryan and Gabby have decided to build a Kale Scale shark with flamingo accents. And you’re right Ryan, this isn’t good for my blood pressure either. At speed, this duo is laying brick on brick to create a mammoth creature that Kale would love. But can they cheat and finish it in time? You beat ya! Just in time as well!

Sarah & Fleur – Shark Frilled Neck Lizard

Fleur and Sarah have the best intentions with their model and Fleur’s tenacity is oh so admirable. Sometimes though, visions just don’t always work. And that comes across with their shark x frilled neck lizard. This thing is cute, like a Jabba The Hut crossed pokemon. But it’s hard to see the animals they were trying to portray and Brickman chalks it up to experience. He knows how hard it is to make things perfect the first time, we all make LEGO mistakes sometimes.

The Verdict

This challenge looks easy to us outsiders but with time pressure, creative constraints and gravity playing a part I can see why tears are shed. (Hugs to Fleur). The two creations vying for advantage are announced. David and Gus and Scott and Owen.

And the winners are – The walrus flamingo by David and Gus! This win has given David and Gus an amazing advantage in the elimination build which will be revealed when they know the challenge.

Challenge 2 of 2

Mission To Mars Challenge

One challenge down one to go. The teams stand with Hamish and Brickman in front of the world’s largest curtains. Hamish begins his countdown and on his click, the curtains drop and reveal a brick-built space shuttle, designed and created by Brickman and his team. The challenge: ‘Mission to Mars’. A Minifigure scale build, teams must focus on brick economy to create a Minifigure based scene of humanity that they wish to take to Mars. And Gus and David’s advantage? At any point during the build, the two can stop the clock and ALL teams except them must stop for 30 minutes. Giving David and Gus extra time but also disrupting the flow of building. So how will they use it?

LEGO Masters Australia Season3 - Mission To Mars Challenge

LEGO Masters Australia Season3 – Mission To Mars Challenge

The Builds

Anthony & Jess – Chocolate Factory Gone Wrong

When you’re off to Mars, chocolate might not be the first thing you think of, but you’d sure get a craving for it the second someone said it out loud. Anthony and Jess are preempting colony desires and sending a chocolate factory (which is still under construction) to Mars to satisfy the people. During construction, someone has gotten stuck in a vat and an almighty explosion has occurred, spilling chocolate EVERYWHERE.

David & Gus – Fun Arcade

David and Gus take a BIG risk here creating a model that shares striking similarities with Kale and Bilsy from season 1. They’re keen on a mechanism that gives the appearance of super slow bouncing in outer space, so they’re taking fun to Mars for their future civilisations. They also have an amazing advantage of a 30 minutes pause buzzer. When pressed, all teams have to stop building, while these to can continue. They use it with 1 hour remaining. They used their extra time to create a bucking bull that projects out of their level.

Amy & Dawei – Alien Jail Break

Dawei and Amy have captured all the aliens on Earth and are sending them back to Mars in this special containment unit, destined for isolation. Their story is interesting but instead of building their central piece first, Dawei is now trying to build an alien that doesn’t fit in their scene. Brickman is concerned for them and encourages a look into the technical elements on their centrepiece so they don’t collapse again and get sent home.

Harrison & Michael – Dog’s Escape

Gosh Harry and Michael are cute. In case you can’t tell, they’re dog people and their love of man’s best friend is the perfect thing to send to Mars. The boys build amazing pooper scooper suits to assist in daily dog life and whilst in space, the dogs escape their boarding kennels, taking over the unit and running amok! Colour is used really well in this build and little details such as random dog poo and dogs chasing sausages make it super engaging.

Owen & Scott – Space Armoury

Scotty and Owen know that on Mars, there is ample chaos. For the future of mankind, some structure is required and so they’re sending the military into the sky. They design amazing mech suits that can be worn in space to defend from humans when under attack. But oh my it’s so grey! From a distance, all that can be seen is grey movement. There is no colour or differentiation at all and Brickman tells them they need colour. Scotty even agrees and Owen ignores the advice, putting them at serious risk of elimination.

Ryan & Gabby – Art Gallery Heist

Art is very important to all human civilisations and so it is only natural to take it to Mars. Gabby recreates amazing classic art pieces, in Minifig scale and the two incorporate a story of the art being stolen. Because even in space, art is wildly valuable! Brickman graciously delivers a valuable piece to the duo. A modesty leaf for their brick-built statue of David. Also Gabby, I love that you used an offcut piece for Monalisa’s Arm. Kudos!

Sarah & Fleur – Mars the Musical

Sarah and Fleur have done a 180 on this build and captured a spirit that is contagious. They are building Mars the Musical, a theatre experience that will bring art and culture to new Mars colonies but also entertain people on the ride up. Their leading man is an alien surrounded by ballerinas in space helmets and no detail is spared with their orchestra, flowing red velvet curtains and backstage green room too. Brickman shares that this is their best work on the show so far and we agree.

The Verdict

Brickman cuts right to the chase and calls forward Amy and Dawei and Owen and Scott. Both teams have put in a heck of a lot of effort. But Owen and Scott’s poor colour choices and Amy and Dawei’s lack of technical ability have placed them in the bottom two. Brickman specified that Dawei’s alien is blocky and square, and this is their downfall. Dawei and Amy are sent home and surprisingly Brickman doesn’t shed a tear… But we do, because Amy is wonderful.

LEGO Masters Australia Season 3 - Mission To Mars Challenge

LEGO Masters Australia Season3

Tomorrow night – A Hero’s Quest Challenge!


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