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Season 3 Episode 6 – Recap

Tonight we’re taken to a land of illusions. As the roller door opens, we are greeted by Hamish Blake enclosed in a box. It’s red and yellow and sparkly.

Brickman then does the honours and proceeds to saw Hamish in half! Hamish’s super rare collectible LEGO Adidas sneakers on clear display for all the fans at home, (Ryan is a little jelly we see) and now Brickman can wheel Hamish around the room like a mad man.

It’s nice to see some power handed over to Brickman for all the work he’s put in over the last 3 seasons. OH! and Michael and Harrison have the night off! Enjoy your rest boys.

LEGO Masters Australia Season3

LEGO Masters Australia Season3

Cut In Half Challenge

The Challenge

Revisiting a classic this season, LEGO Masters have 10 hours to create their response to an object that has naturally been cut in half. In a quick scan, it is evident that not all halves are created equal and some of the teams are about to find out how tricky their builds are going to be. A Minifigure selection takes place and little boxes reveal a number order for teams to choose their canvas.

The half options that teams must pick from are a chainsaw, cash register, gramophone, boom box and telescope. In true LM fashion (that could not be scripted) Gabby and Ryan’s brick of DOOM has cursed them again and they’re left with selection number 5 and the least desired item. Half a cash register.

Fleur and Sarah pick first and choose a chainsaw, Gus and David select the boom box, Anthony and Jess choose the telescope, and Scott and Owen pick the gramophone.

LEGO Masters Australia Season3

LEGO Masters Australia Season3

The Builds

Anthony & Jess – Rock-It

Anthony is delightfully enthusiastic and after the empowerment from Jess in last night’s episode, this team are working well together. They decide to build a rock-it, launching into outer space, with an astronaut on its shell like a rouge intergalactic cowboy.

At the point of head attachment, Hamish appears and adds what seems like a 500th camera on the duo. Just add that extra bit of pressure/support!

Boy, are we delighted when it doesn’t smash! Go Anthony! The spherical shape of the astronaut’s helmet is pretty neat and if they can get it attached, it looks good to me.

David & Gus – KaBOOM

David and Gus chose a seemingly benign object from afar. But on closer inspection, the gentlemen discover the complexities of a 45-degree cut and staging with gravity. In a wave of genius, the duo inverts the model and work quickly on a technic frame to hold their object.

The vision is clear now, Gus and David are building an explosion of creativity as their boom box hits the floor. It’s a sculptural marvel filled with technical ability, gorgeous details and a brilliantly bright story.

Brickman absolutely loves it too. He might not have said it out loud, but this is definitely one of Brickman’s all-time favourite builds.

Owen & Scott – Love Song

Oh boys. I seriously love these two, they’re a fascinating yin and yang. But they’re also LEGO romantics! Owen’s sweetheart back home in Perth must be the inspiration for his story idea here. When investigating their gramophone, Owen designs a story around a couple’s love story through the seasons.

The two fall in love in the Spring, get married in the Summer, have a family in Autumn and dance together in old age into Winter. They get to work on a magnificent tree of life standing next to their gramophone. But Brickman has something to say. In a rare moment, Brickman takes the gramophone away from the boys.

Their tree is amazing but Brickman shows them that it just doesn’t work as a story piece with the challenge. They need to tie it together or scrap the build. Then another rare scene from our peace-loving Scotty. In a moment of destruction, Scotty flips part of the tree off in one swift swoop. Smashing 3-5 hours work instantly!

Owen panics and they stop together to discuss. Finally, they manage to get their energies back together to make their story work and decide on a love story within their tree sung by love birds. BINGO! But they’ve smashed up the tree so it’s time to rebuild.

Ryan & Gabby – Kitty Cash

This is the time for Ryan and Gabby to shake their curse. Yes, they got the last pick, but in a glorious Gabby expression, she ka-chings! Perfect inspiration for a wealthy socialite emerging from their register. Kitty Kash is born! A big, bold personality draped in wealth and donning a teacup Chihuahua in her handbag.

This team are loving their build this week and it truly shows in their model. As it gets closer to the end, Brickman appears to challenge them (as he does for the fab teams) and Ryan jumps on the opportunity to build her flashy red sports car, as an accent to the lady in green. I think with their creativity and skills we should imagine them in the finals.

Sarah & Fleur – Tree of life

Sarah and Fleur tookfirst pick of items. This proves that even when you get a leg up, it doesn’t always help. When they’re faced with their tree and vertical stud wall, the girls are a little stumped (pardon the pun). But I have confidence in their abilities and the country loves them.

They imagine a magnificent mother tree juxtaposing their chainsaw and taking back from the machine that would normally cut them down. Fleur works on the stories and details and Sarah works on the structural components as roots flow from the base of the mother tree.

The girls aren’t confident but they still present a completed build with an engaging story and technical ability. They think it’s bottom two territory considering the builds in the room. But Fleur and Sarah also still have the platinum brick that they can play if they need it.

The Verdict

I don’t envy Brickman one bit. Each week he is tasked with awarding strengths and shattering dreams. Tonight is no different and as the group shrinks, it just gets harder.

First, the top two. Gabby and Ryan are called forward! (intense chair dancing occurs in our house) because we just love this build beyond words.

And of course, Gus and David are called forward too. Both of these creations are visually spectacular with engaging stories, colour overflowing and perfect cohesion for the challenge.

And the winner is Gus and David! Which is great! But I also really wanted Gabby and Ryan to win.

But now sadly it’s time for someone to go home. Sarah and Fleur and Anthony and Jess are called forward. It’s evident now that teams are only being sent home because someone needs to be, not because of lack of skill or talent.

Fleur and Sarah choose not to play their platinum brick which is super risky (OMG) and miraculously, it works in their favour.

Anthony and Jess are eliminated and their Rock-it doesn’t quite reach the moon but it does fall amongst the stars. Brickman in his sensitive moment gives beautiful compliments to Jess and Anthony too. Jess is a vibrant light in the world and Anthony is definitely going places.

LEGO Masters Australia Season3

LEGO Masters Australia Season3

Next week – TBD Challenge!


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