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Season 3 Episode 7 – Recap

It’s the LEGO Masters episode we’ve all been cringing for. Tonight we see the return of Season 1’s Kale. Teasers on Facebook and Instagram have told us that tonight is the biggest LEGO disaster of all time, but which part are they referring to?

We start the episode with Hamish strapped to giant helium weather balloons. Giggles erupt when the remaining teams see him weighted to the ground, Brickman ready to assist. In a truly suspenseful Australian television moment, Brickman releases Hamish from his iron grips and we have lif… wait no. Nothing happens. Hamish weighs 90kgs of pure muscle everyone. He’ll need waaaayy more balloons to lift that rig!

Tonight it is revealed that there are not one, but two challenges again. The first for an advantage and the second, an elimination.

‘Will It Fly’

Challenge 1

Challenge one adds a very technical spin to an episode we saw in season 2, the hanging brick. Teams are each allocated a single helium weather balloon with a string.

They must create a LEGO model that tells a story and use their technical ability, to make it hover for 10-seconds without it flying away or crashing to the ground.

Builds that survive the 10-seconds will be judged on aesthetics and have the chance to win the advantage. Builds that crash are disqualified. They have only 6 hours.

LEGO Masters Australia Season 3

The Builds

David & Gus – Pegasus

David and Gus work to their advantage and decide to build a classic pegasus.

They embrace some beautiful colours in their build too, highlighting pinks and purples for a truly majestic creature and staging. Their theory, use pegasus’s wings as a weight balance and add/remove plates as needed to ensure that she floats.

Harrison & Michael – Harrison’s Love Life

Harrison is the subject of tonight’s build, with Michael leading a story about Harrison’s love life! The two create two characters, a LEGO lady trying to escape via balloon from the clutches of a LEGO man (Harrison). Poor Harrison, having your love life publicly displayed in LEGO on national (and international) television is something else.

Brickman enjoys how the boys have incorporated the balloon in their story.

Owen & Scott – Space Man

Owen and Scott decide that they’re done with scrapping builds and wasting time. (And we totally support that.) For this challenge, they decide to create an astronaut, posed in a fall back to earth.

The two work steadily on their model, testing it about one hour in. Oh no! Their model isn’t even half-finished and it’s way too heavy.

So together, they scrap their initial model (maintaining their concept) and rebuild a smaller, lighter astronaut.

Ryan & Gabby – The Flying Machine

Ryan and Gabby decide that tonight is the night to shake that Brick of DOOM for good. Yes, there are only 6-hours for this challenge. But Ryan is keen to use power functions and get their model moving as well as shaking.

They create a homage to DaVinci and Gabby builds the most adorable character head with minifig leg moustache we’ve ever seen. This team are amazing, in this model they have a whole working flying bicycle mechanism with wings AND it’s hopefully going to float!

Sarah & Fleur – Picnic Critters

Sarah and Fleur combine their two loves of LEGO food (Fleur) and little creepy crawlies (Sarah) to build a picnic basket/hot air balloon hybrid.

Fleur works away on building a basket weave for hours and they stage their basket to be overflowing with goodies. When it comes to test time though, it’s just too heavy again and despite Brickman’s pleas, Fleur scraps the weave to make their basket lighter.

The Verdict

It’s go time and all 5 teams release their models for the count. 10, 9, 8, 7, oh no! Spaceman is starting to fall!

6, 5, the other models seem to be holding up, but Scotty and Owen’s chance at an advantage is sinking fast, 4, 3, 2, CRASH. Spaceman out. Miraculously, all the other builds survive, despite their weight challenges and now it’s up to Brickman to select the winner.

Brickman cuts to the chase and calls David and Gus and Gabby and Ryan to the front. Both teams have created beautifully magical models that tell a story of flying and possess intense technical ability.

But the winner is needed, and thank goodness it is exactly who we thought! Ryan and Gabby have finally done it! The Brick of DOOM IS NO MORE! Hamish reveals the black bag of containment to take the Brick away and Ryan and Gabby breathe a sigh of relief.

‘Go Big Or Go Home’ (Elimination)

Challenge 2

But this episode isn’t over. It’s time for challenge two. The teams wait patiently in front of Hamish and Brickman as Hamish reveals a special guest. *cue roller door*.

Lights and smoke and screeching sounds reveal familiar legs and a particularly recognisable jacket.

And then in struts Kale. (kudos for the epic editing here). The room is stunned by his swagger and style. Kale reaches the hosts and the challenge is revealed.

LEGO Masters Australia Season3


For this elimination, teams must build something literal Kale Scale. Their model must be taller than Kale, possess technical ability, tell a story, have aesthetics. Plus, for the first time in LEGO Masters Australia History (that they’re saying publicly) there are restrictions on what teams can and can’t build. No towers or buildings. They have only 10-hours.

Ryan and Gabby are gifted their advantage of 30-extra minutes at the beginning of their build. Which works out to be all the time they’ve lost thanks to the Brick of DOOM and Hamish seems quite chuffed at the numbers. Kale is on the floor for this challenge too, offering advice, sass and a unit of measurement for all teams as required.

LEGO Masters Australia Season3

The Builds

David & Gus – The Snake Charming

David and Gus are engineering geniuses and I feel like they’ve already won this show. They work together to build a cobra in its basket, with fiercely penetrating eyes and menacing fangs that are motorised for extra effect. Their idea is strong, tall and looks like it’s come from a LEGOLAND theme park.

Height-wise, this team are exceeding requirements and their cobra stands easily above Kale’s 5ft6.

Harrison & Michael – Fisherman’s Catch

Harrison and Michael get complicated with their story and work on a scene with a fisherman on a pier, collecting tyres.

They focus heavily on creating height and building an enormous pier and rock formation with a character sitting on top. Brickman is concerned by their scale and blank space in the centre of their build, so the two work to create more visually engaging stories from top to bottom. The fishing rod the boys have created gives their model the perfect height reach and they’re safely in the Kale Scale zone.

LEGO Masters Australia Season3 - Go Big Or Go Home

Owen & Scott – Dino Rocket

Owen and Scott decide to build a dinosaur. A big one with a long neck and big legs. I’m already worried for them because in the time period, building horizontally for a body and tail seems like a poor decision when the aim is height. They are hours in and Brickman pays them a visit to ask if they remember what Kale was eliminated for.

Oh yes, he tried to build a giant dinosaur! Owen and Scott hit that sinking moment that they’ve promised to avoid. Smashing time. And together, they scrap their idea hopefully for the last time. They scramble to create something vertical, (Thank you!) and opt for a bright rocket. This is kinda cheeky considering there was a Mars ep just before.

The boys power on and miraculously create a ridiculously high, stable rocket in practically half the time of other teams.

Ryan & Gabby – Fountain of love

With 30 extra minutes in this challenge, Ryan and Gabby work carefully to create a model that is engaging and beautiful. They decide to create a water fountain, with a cherub on top squirting water from its mouth.

The perfect place for lovers to meet or a proposal to take place. The idea is beautiful but sometimes extra time gives a false sense of security.

They build several water bowls in white and Brickman is concerned by the lack of colour in their model. Ryan and Gabby haven’t really thought too much about their storytelling either and this could put them in the bottom two if it’s not articulated well.

Sarah and Fleur decide to build a crosswalk sign for humans that minifigs have taken over. Sarah works ridiculously fast building technic framed boxes for the signpost and their theory is good. They’re using uniform boxes to build height and add/subtract boxes to ensure it meets requirements.

Their sign looks to be a mosaic of yellow on large baseplates and as it gets to crunch time, they assemble their final piece. When it is up, the girls realise that the sign isn’t positioned correctly and the crosswalk is wonky.

It needs to be fixed because this is an elimination and so they take it down to make sure it can be corrected. Now Fleur and Sarah, this is where my heart sank for you.

With just 15 minutes to go, there is a disaster. The model suffers a major blow and the girls need to work frantically to correct it.

Which is totally doable! Everything seems to be ok until the correction part doesn’t quite fit. With the slightest breeze, the whole sign collapses to the ground and we are crushed.

LEGO Masters Australia Season3 - Go Big Or Go Home

The Verdict

For this elimination, there are 4 builds and shattered dreams. Sarah and Fleur still possess the platinum brick and tonight, they’re going to have to use it.

LEGO Masters Australia Season3 - Go Big Or Go Home

Brickman calls forward David and Gus and Scott and Owen as the top teams tonight, highlighting again that if Owen and Scott used their time properly, what could they create? But of course, David and Gus are the winners tonight with what Brickman describes as a model fit for a super expensive tourist gift shop.

The bottom two teams are here because of team numbers, not because of skill or lack thereof. Fleur and Sarah play their platinum brick to avoid going home and now Brickman has a tough choice again.

Michael and Harrison are saved by colour rather than composition with their fisherman getting them through to tomorrow night. Sadly, Gabby and Ryan are sent home because their fountain (which is still a marvel, let’s be honest) didn’t have the colour component that it needed and their story was just a little bit of an afterthought.

This is sad everyone. Ryan and Gabby were supposed to be in the finals! But it is a competition. We are down to the final four teams.

Next Episode – Four Seasons Challenge!


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