LEGO Masters Sweden

Season 2 Episode 6 – Creative Replica Challenge

We are six weeks in and nearing the semi-finals for LEGO Masters Sweden. The teams rock up to find six Swedish objects they have to recreate, Nathalie and Melina find this familiar having just won a survival challenge with a toaster the week before.

Past week winners Jonas and Liv are allowed to get first dibs and pick the midsummer pole. Each team needs to build their object but spruce it up with a story and a twist. The challenge is combining the technical know-how of creating an accurate replica and their storytelling abilities. They have six hours to get their initial builds. But there’s a twist! We also have a guest host, David Lindgren – a singer who’s a host of Melodyfestival. The twist is to change models with the team to their left and within eight hours create a free build.

The Builds

Jonas and Liv – Midsummer Pole / Gummy Bears

The team is hoping to show off different construction skills by utilizing techniques that creates the greenery and flowers. The scale slowly builds resulting in a table decoration. Mid-way the judges praise the construction and the use of flowers that support the build as well as enhance the look. The only small criticism is that Magnus thinks a bowl could have been put down.

Stuck with how on earth to deal with the bears they settle on them being a newlywed couple at a bridal party. Off to the side, Magnus notes the story is a bit bland, is there something else going to happen?

The judges love the little details, such as the photo of the two seen in the back of the camera. Magnus loves the framing of the scene but feels like it’s lacking extra decoration such as flowers. He does like the story as that’s clear.

Jacob and Robin – Christmas Tree / Midsummer Pole

They set the bar high by creating a Christmas tree that spins using a clever technique of curved technic gear racks lined with round studs as ball bearings. They decide to change it up and create a Christmas Eve cake tree. Mid-way Magnus loves the construction behind the trunk which allows for space to attach branches as well as the overwhelming array of decorations as well as points for its ability to spin. With the midsummer pole in their possession, they decide to expand on the theme and create a midsummer dinner that’s being invaded by minifigs. Magnus loves the creative idea but feels there needs to be a motive as to why the minifigs are raiding the table.

Judging time and Magnus loves the detailing, such as the lego fork as well as the build spilling over the edge of the table. He does note that there is a ton of detail in the scene making the viewer get a bit lost.

Felix and Vidar – Dala Horse / Clogs

A Dala horse is a traditional wooden horse. They decide to create one that is half the actual horse which is then painted red. Magnus comes by and points out that the idea isn’t quite creative.

Mid-way the team isn’t too pleased with the quality of the build. Putting it down amongst their weakest of the season. Magnus doesn’t really buy the story of the horse. He is the construction of the front of the horse but notes the rear end isn’t quite right. Switching over to the Clogs they run with the car theme and decide to create a factory where the mice are working on the cars. They have a lot to make up with as the horse didn’t impress Magnus.

When it comes to judging the judges love the neat details and parts usage, like using clear doors as windows and building things like goggles on the mice and a mousetrap. Magnus loves the storytelling in the scene as every character has a unique style and job. If it’s missing something, he would have liked to have seen a big sign.

Joakim and Johan – Clogs / Christmas Tree

They decide to go with flame print clogs. Magnus wonders if the idea bit too simple and pushes them to be a bit more creative. The teams switch it up so the clogs are now part car.

With an hour to go, they smash out a chequered flag base for the shoes to stand on. Mid-way Magnus loves the combination of 50’s hotrod cars and clogs and praises the team for getting both elements to be recognizable. He does point out the scale is a bit small. Obtaining the Christmas Tree the team are stumped for a story idea as the build is too good to just take apart. They settle on a winter wonderland theme, hoping a story will get developed. Magnus worries this is going to slow them down as the story has to be more than a winter scene. They settle on Easter Bunnies invading a Christmas scene with spring melting the snow.

Magnus notes there is a story in there with the encroaching spring but feels the dynamics aren’t there. He suggests the stakes needed to be upped, like the Easter bunny wielding a flame thrower.

Melina and Nathalie – Candy Bowl / Dala Horse

They are playing on a pun of “cheers” with having two gummy bears toasting the bowl of candy. Magnus warns them that the bears are technically complex to build. He suggests they build other things that show off their skills.

The team struggles to figure out methods but slowly persists and creates bears with adequate roundness.

Midway the team has gotten their idea built. Magnus comments on their use of studless construction to create a smooth candy effect for the gummy bears. But notes they needed more rounded features.

Taking on the horse they decide to create a portal that transports the horse into a magical world. Magnus confides to the other the portal idea naturally flows into the existing design and hopes the magical land is up to scratch. However, the horses’ iffy construction causes parts of it to collapse with Vidar coming over to help fix it.

Judging time. Guest judge David loves the look. Magnus loves the storytelling trick of going through a portal into a world. But notes the design is a bit flat and simplistic with simple stack built houses on a green landscape. The design could have been pushed further.

The Verdict

The final six have finished quite a day of building, but there can only be one. The first team which wins this challenge and goes into the semis is Liv and Jonas. But one team must go. The bottom two are Joakim and Johan along with Felix and Vidar. Joakim and Johan were praised for their clogs but they were too small while their storytelling was flat. Felix and Vidar had a weak first build with a poor representation of a horse, but they did score well with their second. And so the team to leave us this week is Joakim and Johan. But they have the chance to give their two badges to another team. They decide to give them to Nathalie and Melina, the remaining team without a win, and to Felix and Vidar for their storytelling ability.

Next week – Which teams will sink or swim to the finals? It’s the underwater challenge.

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