LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 22 brings in more costumes, more animals and more whacky-ness than ever before!

LEGO 71032 – Collectable Minifigures Series 22

About This Set

If you don’t know what the LEGO collectable Minifigure series is by this point, you are either new to the hobby or living under a rock. Either is good, because we are here to help! But understand, you have a lot of expensive catching up to do!

LEGO Collectable Minifigure Series 22 brings us 12 new characters in LEGO‘s long-running blind-bag series with a 36-pack box. Yes, there are 3 exact sets per box!

There are aliens, animals and medieval knights galore. So let’s dig in!

Robot Repair Tech

Admittedly, when we first heard leaked rumours of a ‘robot inventor’, nobody would have expected this!

The Robot Inventor is a robot, that is actually inventing! The outfit reminds me of a fun mix between the Hazmat suit Minifigure and the Crash-Test Dummy figure from earlier waves. But once his helmet comes off, they look just like the robots from the old M-Tron and Exploriens theme!

The detail on this figure is amazing, featuring arm printing, leg printing on the side where the joints would be. The battery panel on the back of the torso, and the battery meter on the rear of the head! The happy eyes on the front of the helmet is an absolute gem too!

Our mechanical buddy does come with a mechanical friend, something reminiscent of a droid from Wall-E and a Star Wars pit droid mashed together. He’s cute!

Chilli Costume Fan

The Chilli Girl adds to a now ever-expanding line of food-related outfits. Previous examples include the Banana suit, Corn Suit, Peapod Suit, Hotdog Guy, Pizza, Watermelon and Birthday Cake Suit! Some might say, a buffet of Minifigure goodness.

The Chilli Girl‘s outfit on the exterior does look a bit simple. With nothing but a suit and some milk, but when the chilli comes off, she has a fiery burning chilli logo on the torso. Plus, a new-coloured red hairpiece! This isn’t normally something that comes with the CMFs, so I’m surprised by this addition, and a new colour is a win too.


Probably my most hyped up pick of the lot, as a medieval collector and fan, a Troubadour was long overdue!

More dressed the part of a wandering minstrel, the Troubadour comes with a new lute piece and printed ‘Crowned Coin’. But also with a new recoloured Forest-Men hat, with new magenta feather for his cap! The colour palette of blue, magenta and dark blue is quite a surprising but effective mix, and might make it easy to oversee his details on his arms too!

Snow Guardian

The Snow Guardian is the epitome of a mountain kingdom in the artic, ready for battle. With a new moulded woolly hat, a woolly scarf/neckcloth, and a woolly moustache, this Warrior is sure to appeal to those who build artic themes – medieval or not.

I am a huge fan of the Winter shield print that is also on his chest (and back!), and the dual moulded legs and arms make this figure incredibly detailed and a must-have for me!

Oh, and the husky is a new colouration in light grey, and comes with light-blue eyes!

Horse And Groom

LEGO is really starting to ramp up their animal game. Introducing the first-ever baby horse mould for the non-LEGO-Friends horse design! The mould is a one-piece mould taking that same sort of footprint as a dog mould, albeit a bit higher.

The Girl Minifigure comes with a dark-red beanie and black hair combo, which to my knowledge, is a new colouration. The Girl’s facial expressions are of happiness, and of pure joy. Revealing some braces underneath! Yay inclusivity!

As for the outfit, I am a bit biased here, seeing a flannelette-themed anything on a Minifigure makes me happy. Lots of people will see this as bland, but I love it.

Figure Skating Champion

The figure skater reuses the newer mould for Tan France’s hairpiece, this time arriving in a blonde colour. His glittery appearance seems far too overdue, since the female figure skater came out in series 4 – 18 SERIES AGO.

The simplicity of the leotard matches the role, but I wish there was something more to this guy.

Night Protector

The Night Protector has been a bit of a rollercoaster with me, as my initial expectations were something more like a black/lunar motif, rather than a purple and teal figure.

The armour printing on the figure is exceptional. I love that it carries the same level of detail around the figure, the back, the arms, the sides of the legs, the works! Her shield comes with some runic inscriptions around the edges of the shield, and the crescent moon is the exact same as to what is on her back.

I’m also a big fan of the translucent sword, the new teal hair colour, and the addition of a different coloured head. Although not the easiest to use, this might work well for some high-fantasy settings for MOC building.

Once I put my preconceived notions aside, I actually really fell in love with this figure. There is a lot here that would stave off some people, but I really like her. She might be really well utilised for army building by simply swapping out her head for a helmet with ghostly eyes…

Forest Elf

Whether it’s a Forest Elf or a very enthusiast acorn-boy-scout, this Minifigure certainly confused me. Many a time looking up things for this figure was I forgot what he was actually called.

When I think forest spirit, I think Dryads or Spriggans. Creatures of the woods and trees. This figure doesn’t quite match that level of fantasy. It could have surely worked, but I think the biggest alleviator of that is the character’s face. I like it, I really do, but it doesn’t scream ‘magical being’ to me.

Our acorn-inspired woodsman comes with dark-green midi-legs, which I think are new for this colour, a new acorn mould hat, as a unique leaf patterned cloak. This guy has all the foundations of something cool, but the human-esque-ness of it all ruins it here.

The mushroom, however, is THE BEST.


With a face reminiscent of the Skunk Catcher, the Bird-Watcher figure immediately strikes me as a big contender for the ‘most-overlooked character of this wave’.

Does she have a simple and almost reused face? Yes. But holy heckers, look at her outfit! New teal hat and black hair combo. The torso with dual-moulded arms with arm-printed watch, dual moulded legs with side printing, and a simplistic shirt, but with back printing to continue the curvature.

Throw in the dark green binoculars in a new colour, a pink satchel, and a new toucan mould with perch, this figure is amazing!

This contends with the Frost Warrior and Robot Inventor as the most detailed Minifigure of the series.

Racoon Costume Fan

It was only a matter of time before another costume figure would arrive. Once again continuing LEGO‘s subtheme of animal-costumed Collectable Minifigures.

The Racoon Costume Fan reuses the mould of the Fox Suit Girl from Series 19, but still manages to pull it off as its own thing. What did surprise me with the figure is that the ‘girl’ is actually a much older lady, and I loved that I was fooled.

The Racoon Suit Girl comes with a white sack accessory (hard to find), a classic green bin and hair option!

Space Creature

What the hell is this.

Like seriously, this thing is so bizarre and whacky it looks like it belongs with the Galaxy Squad LEGO theme. Rocking a new teal coloured ray gun, complete with fuel cell on his back, this Alien is ready to take over the galaxy! Or become friends with it? Agh! I don’t know!

Making incredible use of the beekeeper girl’s headpiece, and completing the look with two mouth expressions, LEGO has pulled of an obscure alien that I am personally weirded out by.

It’s not all weird though, as Classic Space once again rears its head in the CMF line in a new purple torso, complete with alien arm printing and leg printing!

Realistically, this figure is going to be ripped apart by Classic Space fans for his torso and torso only. Snapping the arms off to replace them with solid purple, and make another colour join the ranks.

As someone who actually doesn’t like Classic Space (don’t shoot me!), this guy is at the bottom of my list.

(Classic Space fans, feel free to contact Tim directly to discuss).

Wheelchair Racer

Championing diversity, LEGO have also championed this Wheelchair Racer with a gold medal of their own!

Sporting the new helmet mould and new Wheelchair Racer mould, this racer is decked out and ready to do some laps around the competition! I’m a huge fan of the aesthetic of light blue throughout the figure. The logo placement on his front and rear torso, and even continuing it on his right dual-moulded arm.

I really like his face print too, as there aren’t many face prints sporting just chin hair. If he had a small moustache on his as well, I would have died. It would be a new sigfig face for me. It was so close, but dang, so very very close.

This guy would be easily to find in a bag, and I can’t wait for people to start making a collection of this guy to MOC up some races.


I personally believe that this is one of the strongest waves that we have had in the Collectable Minifigure Series in quite some time.

There is something here for everyone. Medieval, Castle, Space, City, Sport, Animal Costume and Food Costume!

The choices made to encompass a wider audience, without stretching out too thin, was a good move on LEGO‘s part, and I would highly recommend this set of figures to anyone.

Maybe not the alien though.

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this please leave a comment below.


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