It’s 50/50 of girls and boys in LEGO’s most recent Minifigure line-up!

LEGO 71036 – Series 23 Collectable Minifigures

LEGO is back with another series, more costumes, more whacky moulds and more… girls?

Yes, this is a series with a 50/50 split of girls and boys; something LEGO was striving for and this is the first series without aliens or robots to do so.

So let’s review, shall we?



The Nutcracker Minifigure is our first Minifigure under the microscope for this review. His helmet is a new hair/hat combo that puts any other toy soldier or Royal Guard helmet to shame.

I’m a big fan of the embroidery on the helmet which carries on to the gold aesthetic across the other parts of the figure.

The Nutcracker also comes with a reversible face, moulded legs, golden sword and a walnut accessory. Overall, I like this figure and he’s a strong start to the line-up.

Sugar Fairy

The Sugar Fairy is definitely a favourite in our house, but we’ve come to dub her as the “Tooth Fairy”, as she surely would be implying kids to eat sugar until their teeth fall out.

Her face and legs both come with rainbow sprinkle printing on them, which is a fantastic touch, plus her wings come with a unique pattern on one side.

Her crown in white is new, as is her candy cane too! Best figure of the series, 10/10.


Frosty the Snowman has decided to come out and play – giving us a new Minifigure moulded head to accompany the scarf and top hat.

As much as I would love to rate this figure highly, once you get past the novelty of the head mould, it’s just a pretty simplistic figure with no fun printing or accessories. Would have loved to see something different with the legs to make him more ‘snowman-like’.

Reindeer Costume

Just when we thought Christmas in July was over, it comes in hard around the corner with a reindeer costume. The Reindeer Costumer girl gives us another new costume to add to the line-up of costume figures, but also gives us a box with gingerbread hearts tucked away inside.

Not the strongest figure of the series but still decent.

Holiday Elf

Call it what you will, but this is definitely a Christmas Elf. The Holiday Elf is probably my favourite Christmas Elf that LEGO have produced these last few years — mixing things up from the classic green hat/red hat/pink hat gimmick and giving us an elf hat with hair combo!

The leg printing is really on par with this figure too – and her snow globe just reminds me of the house from Home Alone. All big wins!

Cardboard Robot

Meep Morp. Zeep. The Cardboard robot costume is probably one of the closest figures we would get to representing what most of our costumes would look like in real life at a Halloween Party.

The Cardboard Robot figure has some really fun intricate details that make the figure stand out, such as the on/off details on one arm being completely different to the decals on the other arm. The leg printing, face choices and body printing make this an underrated gem.

Popcorn Costume

Popcorn Boy seems to be having himself a great amount of time here in one of the most bizarre costumes of recent waves. Half popcorn, half bucket, the colour choices almost make it look like the popcorn is the Minifigure’s hair!

I was a bit let down by the blank torso on the figure – there was potential for something fun there but that was missed.

Wolf Costume

It seems almost too common now that LEGO decide to give us a character that has to an animal carrying a bag costume. The fox was one, the racoon another. So what’s different now?

Well, our big bad wolf is carrying a bag with some new and unique printing to make the bag look roughed up. Outside of that, the figure doesn’t offer much more other than the head mould – which I feel like really should of had some angry eyes.

Turkey Costume

Although not a worldwide holiday, it’s not hard to miss the Thanksgiving/October references in this figure – a classic pumpkin to represent the harvest/halloween.

Sporting classic wings in a new colour and a new intricate waist/tail mould for the rear of the turkey, I feel like this guy needs more credit for his ability to pull of such a tricky shape without compromising on the final look.

Ferry Captain

Despite tooting around in what looks like a miniature Titanic, the official name for this guy is the Ferry Captain. I’m always a fan of getting more naval folk for the collection, but I think he really needs a bigger ship.

The waist mould for the ‘ferry’ that he uses is actually 3 pieces – the red parts being small poles that intersect inside the base mould. I can already see folks using the body piece to represent the Titanic building in a smaller scale.

Knight of the Yellow Castle

One thing I didn’t realise with this figure at first glance was that the Knight of the Yellow Castle has midi-legs!

I love many different things about this figure – the shield pattern being a classic throwback to the original Yellow castle, the horse on a stick for pretend play, or the chainmail printing underneath the armour that also has the same logo on it.

Love love love!

Green Dragon Costume

Probably one of the more generic figures in the set – this figure is a classic recolour of the first Red Dragon Suit Guy that came out a while ago.

I appreciate LEGO’s decision to keep to the same design as the previous figure, despite there being newer wing moulds that came out with VIDIYO. I can see how some fans would be not too thrilled with this figure in the set, but I’m happy I have it.


LEGO continues at it again with this series, and I think it has something that almost everyone could enjoy.

I am a little saddened that it isn’t a 90th birthday/anniversary special series or anything, or else we would have gotten some sort of classic space, Johnny Thunder, M-Tron or Ice Planet figs too.

Looking outside of that, this is definitely one of the more fun figure series, and I would recommend picking it up yourself.

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this please leave a comment below.


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