LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episod 5 battle-bot wars challenge Final Builds Brick Banter

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 5 Recap

Challenge – ‘Battle-Bot Wars’

The battle is on in LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World! It’s Team v Team in an arena made for battle. After building their own Battle-Bot, teams will fight in a series of rounds. The last team with a surviving Battle-Bot will win the challenge and The BIG brick.

Teams are able to defeat their opponents by pushing them out of the arena, pop the balloon on the back of the bot, or drop them through the trap door at centre of the table which becomes live after 60 seconds of play. Each team will also get a drawing pin to put on their build, to pop the balloon of the opponents.

Teams are given a theme to build via a classic Minifig pick and have 6 hours to build.

Felix & Annalena, with their BIG Brick advantage, get to choose their opponents and pair the other battle components.

Charlie (VIC) & Haley (QLD) – Australia

Minifigure – Human Fly

Using the fly as inspiration, they decide to make a fly head vehicle. Haley has made a very vicious arm with the pin attached to attack the balloons.

Brickman’s Build Feedback: 

He says it has a mouth and eyes, and that says ‘fly’ to him.

Eric & Ben (NSW) – Australia

Minifigure – Alien Warrior

Building a giant alien face with tentacles piecer at the top that will swing around.

Brickman’s Build Feedback: 

He loves the bright colours, but is worried about the small size of it.

Dianne & Shane (WA) – Australia

Minifigure – Caveman

Basing the build on the Caveman aesthetic, they are going a wooden looking car made up of logs and trees. With a big club fitted with the pin. Shane being good with LEGO Technic, he redesigns the standard car base that was given to all the team. Making it easier to steer with better movement.

Brickman’s Build Feedback: 

Brickman says they have really taken the world the Caveman is in, with the club that works into the vibe.

Krystle & Michelle – USA

Minifigure – Minotaur

Going with the bull and Texas theme, it’s going to be right in line for this team. Adding big eyes and teeth to make it look mean. Their weapon is going to be weight, so others can’t push them off the table. Brickman has stopped by to make sure they test that.

They have also added red glowing lights to make it look mean.

Brickman’s Build Feedback: 

Brickman thinks the car is very intimidating.

Ida & Peter – Denmark

Minifigure – Shark Guy

The team decides to build a string ray, who they say is a friend of the shark. This means they will have a very flat build compared to the others. They have added a lighting mechanism to disable other cars.

Brickman’s Build Feedback: 

Brickman can see the idea of The Stingray was all about the ramp, and it works.

Annalena & Felix – Germany

Minifigure – Boxer

Building a boxing ring on top of a heavy car, with two boxing gloves with the pin weapon at the front built in. With the plan of pushing the other cars off the platform. In the boxing ring, their minifigure vs a Kangaroo.

Brickman’s Build Feedback: 

He says they had no choice by to do a boxing glove. But isn’t a fan of the silver glove.

The Battle

Holders of the BIG Brick, Annalena and Felix get to choose their first opponent, and who else will battle each other.

Round 1 – The Fly Vs The Boxer

The Boxer goes in hard and fast, knocking the front of The Fly to pieces. The fly manages to get behind the boxer, with the pin making contact with the balloon but not able to pop it.

With some tussling back and forth, The Boxer managers to push The Fly off the table.

Round 2 – The Alien Warrior Vs The Texas Minotaur

After an initial stand off, The Alien Warrior charges The Texas Minotaur. With more stand off, The Texas Minotaur finds itself in the middle of the table over the trap door at the 60 seconds mark. Ben releases the trap door, with The Texas Minotaur falling out of the competition.

Round 3 – Caveman Vs Stingray

Immediately, the Stingray lines up the Caveman and gets it up the ramp. Getting away, the Caveman attempts to release the club onto the Stingray’s balloon. The Stingray manages to get the Caveman to the side of the table and pushes it off.

Final Round – The Boxer Vs The Alien Warrior Vs Stingray

With Denmark (Stingray) and Australia (The Alien Warrior) discussing an alias against the Germans (The Boxer), the battle starts. The Boxer makes contact with The Alien, popping their balloon.

The Stingray comes in from the side into The Boxer, trying to get them off the edge. Now in a standoff, the Stingray goes in the the attack, getting under The Boxers wheels, pushing them off the table for the win!

In episode 6 of LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World, ‘What’s in Store?’. Teams will need to build a window display for K-mart.

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