LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 7 Whats On The Box challenge Final Builds Brick Bracket

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

Challenge – ‘What’s on the Box’

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World teams are given a hollow vintage TV set which they must fill with a recognisable TV show. The show must be identifiable by guest star Sophie Monk without the use of words or lettering.

This challenge will be the third elimination. With Dianne & Shane and Krystle & Michelle holding the BIG brick, they are safe for this challenge! But it does mean it’ll be a battle between the other four teams to stay safe.

The TV sets are a blank canvas. Teams will be able to choose what TV show they will build, which in theory, should make it a lot easier for their build to be guessed by Sophie.

Sophie will be given 10-second to identify the builds.

Charlie (VIC) & Haley (QLD) – Australia

A fantastic choice by Charlie & Haley. They have decided to build Sponge Bob. As a big, bright and obvious character, he should be very easy to guess.

They build Bikini Bottom, with three houses. The Pineapple, the face rock and Patricks rock. All iconic to the show.

Guessing & Judging

In this build, Sophie was distracted about everything happening around Sponge Bob. But Hamish provides some guidance to the main character, helping her successfully guess the build!

With Brickman saying composition and size of Brickman made it difficult to guess. Lucky for the girls, they got their three points!

Eric & Ben (NSW) – Australia

Eric and Ben have picked a cartoon as well. Also a fantastic choice, Scooby-Doo! This build has iconic colour of the cartoon that will surely stand out.

In the back ground, they have done a purple haunted mansion, with the characters front and centre, revealing the bad guy. An iconic moment from every Scooby-Doo episode. Plus, they have included the Mystery Machine for a little something extra.

Guessing & Judging

Guest judge Sophie Monk was successful in guessing their build, with the Mystery Machine getting her over the line.

Brickman says choosing a cartoon was very clever. But he feels like the build needed a middle layer, like some trees. But he was very happy they included the Mystery Machine.

Dianne & Shane (WA) – Australia

In a risky move, Dianne and Shane who have immunity decided to build Happy Days, the classic 1960’s TV show with the Fonze. They will be building a scene from the diner, with the Fonze next to a jukebox, with a girl dancing. Shane is set on adding mechanics, with the Fonze hitting the Jukebox.

Unfortunately for Dianne and Shane, time ran out before they could get the head on their Fonze, leaving the built unfinished.

Guessing & Judging

During Sophie’s 10 second, host Hamish advises Sophie the head is meant to be attached to assist her, which is a nice gesture! She spots the Fonze, knows his character name, but stalls on the name of the show, unable to guess their TV show within the time frame..

But Brickman loves that they broke up the four walls of the TV and created their own walls! But let’s them know if they didn’t have immunity, they would be going home. He recognises they are great builders, and are lucky for today.

Krystle & Michelle – USA

Possibly one of the most iconic TV shots in TV history, Krystle and Michelle are building the final frame from the opening sequence of Friends. Recreating the scene with all the six friends dancing around the water fountain, in front of the New York skyline.

Guessing & Judging

Sophie was able to guess their TV show within the 10 seconds.

Brickman thought picking the iconic scene that they did, was a great choice, including the iconic colour of the couch, which he loves how it’s built.

Ida & Peter – Denmark

Choosing a 90’s classic, Ida and Peter are going with Baywatch. They will be a scale model of Pamela Anderson, running down the beach, with a smaller scale lifesaver behind her, saving someone from the ocean.

Guessing & Judging

With only a couple of seconds left, Sophie spots that the main character is Pamela Anderson, getting them a correct guess.

Brickman thinks the size of the character is great! But the face is quite difficult to recreate.

Annalena & Felix – Germany

Also choosing a cartoon, Annalena and Felix choose to build Dora The Explorer. They build three of the main characters at a large scale to really make them stand out in the TV.

Guessing & Judging

The TV being turned around for just a moment, Sophie got her quickest correct guess of the episode! Identifying Dora right away!

Brickman says that Dora’s face shape and hair is so unique, it was a great choice! Plus, the size of the characters worked perfectly for the team.


Final Judging

With six amazing builds for episode 7 of LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World, one team does need to go home.

But first, who is winning this challenge? Krystle and Michelle get called forward, alongside Annalena and Felix. Two very strong builds, but it’s the strongest team on the season so far, Annalena and Felix taking out the win!

Sadly, Ida & Peter are in the bottom two with Charlie & Haley. But it’s Charlie and Haley that came up short in this elimination, getting sent home.

In episode 8 or LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World, ‘New Olympic Sport’ is the challenge, check back in at BrickBanter for the episode recap!


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