LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episod 6 whats in store challenge Final Builds Brick Banter

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

Challenge – ‘What’s in Store?’

The six remaining LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World teams are combined to make three teams of four. They are challenged with creating an in-store build that will be on display in an eye-catching window display in a high traffic K-Mart store. Fifty members of the public will view each build and vote for the one they think is the best.

Peter & Ida, with their BIG Brick advantage, get to choose the team combinations. But for this challenge, teams must be mixed, international and Australian!

Krystle & Michelle (USA) Dianne & Shane (Australia)

Building a big bright LEGO theme park, with a roller coaster coming around it, full on Minifigure stories. The teams are channeling a really fun energy! By creating 4 large coloured bricks, could work really well for these teams.

It’s turning into the biggest and most dominant build in the room, standing almost as tall as Shane.

With time running low, the team makes some last minute changes. Instead of a working rollercoaster, they are going to turn it into a theme park under construction. This also works as they were struggling to get the LEGO brick studs done with the logo on the studs.

Ida & Peter (Denmark) with Eric & Ben (Australia)

These two teams believe their fun personalities are going to shine through with this build! They are building a tree with some monkeys, that should make for a really fun display. The teams are working together really well, creating a VERY cute monkey early.

Brickman pops over and questions their story. So the team decides to pop in a little banana story. Plus so many little monkey stories throughout.

Annalena & Felix (Germany) with Charlie & Haley (Australia)

The team decided to build an underwater theme, to utilise the strength of Annelena’s big animal sculpting abilities. With Annalena focusing solely on their shark, the other three focus on the rest of the model. So Charlie and Haley have some concerns about the communication between the team, and that they might not be working together as well as they could.

As a hilarious prank, host Hamish ‘steals’ Felix, Charlie and Haley, leaving Annalena building on the table by herself. She was so focused, 5 minutes went by without her noticing!

Felix motorises a crab coming out of a rock, a really nice moving element to the build for their model.

Annalena is only getting more stressed as the build progresses. Made worse by the struggle to get the shark to balance on top of the build. Plus on top of that, she feels like it’s ugly.


Brickman Judging

For Krystle, Michelle, Dianne and Shane, Brickman jokes about them making their building into a construction site to save it from being unfinished. He provides feedback on the Minifigure poses, saying they needed more attention. He thinks its an awesome build.

Ida, Peter, Ben and Eric, Brickman thinks choosing a large monkey character was a good choice. As was their colour choices. But, he feels there are a lot of small things that could have been done to make the story telling better.

Annalena, Felix, Charlie & Haley, Brickman compliments the colour of the coral in the build. But feels there is no story in the build. Suggesting a mouth on the shark could have helped show the shark chasing the creatures.


Public Judging

So, the public was invited down to K-mart to judge the builds, with 100 votes up for grabs. But Brickman has zero votes in today’s challenge!

Brickman advises the team there was one clear leader who took out the win today… That team was… (Drum roll….) Krystle, Michelle, Dianne and Shane with their giant LEGO brick theme park!

LEGO Masters Australia Vs The World returns next Sunday, with the ‘What’s On The Box’ challenge.



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