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LEGO Masters Australia - S03E08 Recap - 'Four Seasons' Challenges

LEGO Masters Australia

Season 3 Episode 8 - Recap

It's Monday night and we're settling in for a classic evening of LEGO Masters Australia wholesomeness with *hopefully* no elimination. At the conclusion of last night's devastating episode, teasers flowed about television's biggest midseason twist. But what will it be? Side note: season 1 had 9 eps, season 2 had 11 and now having a *mid* season twist at episode 7-8 means we're in for 14 eps! Score!!!

We start the ep with the final 4 teams and Hamish being adorable. Tonight is something never seen before on LEGO Masters Australia. In anticipation, the roller doors open and Fleur's excitement is so pure. THEY'RE ALL BACK! Jeff and Atlanta, Amy and Dawei, Anthony and Jess and Ryan and Gabby. It's the midseason twist we could only dream of!

'Four Seasons' Challenge

Tonight our top 4 get the night off to relax and the roller door lets them out. The 4 returning teams will each get the chance to win back a sudden life and return to the competition for not one, but TWO places back in the program.

A world of themed baseplates is highlighted and their challenge is revealed. Create a Minifigure scale build about one of the 4 seasons. In 10 hours. A classic Minifigure pick follows and returning teams each reveal a season for the Mid Season 4 Season Twist. #MS4ST

The Builds

Jeff & Atlanta - Summer

Jeff and Atlanta have the whackiest stories in their brains and I'm so glad they're a couple. Can you imagine the bedtime stories they would create for their family?

They select Summer despite wanting Autumn and their frustrations produce a giant evil ice cream cone monster terrorising people on the beach. Their character build idea is pretty cool and Brickman definitely finds the idea interesting, but he's distracted by their initial colour choice for the cone because it looks like a carrot... With some quick recolouring they work strongly to build their sto