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LEGO Masters Australia - S03E12 Recap - Colour Your World Challenge

LEGO Masters Australia

Season 3 Episode 12 - Recap

It's the challenge that gets you to finals week. The roller door opens tonight to Brickman and Hamish in full 1930's monochrome. Fleur's love of Brickman comes out singing! I'm with Fleur, Brickman looks pretty darn good in a suit. We wave farewell to Scott and Owen who have immunity for the THIRD time and get to skip yet another elimination build.

'Colour Your World' Challenge

The two colourless gentlemen reveal the challenge for this evening. Bring colour to a monochrome house and land package. Each team starts with an identical house and must bring colour to it in a unique and meaningful way. Technical ability is not the focus for tonight, aesthetics and storytelling will be the skills that get teams across the line.

Teams have 12 hours.

The Builds

David & Gus - Unicorn House

David and Gus are a little behind with their thoughts but when they get a genius idea, they sure know how to run with it. Together they work with simplicity and envisage their model as a literal toy being hand painted by a sculptural hand. But Brickman thinks it's too simple. Instead, they're opting for UNICORNS! Oh my gosh, all the little kids in the world are getting excited. A whole sparkle of unicorns galloping down the street would be an amazing spectacle.