• Sam Hardy

LEGO Masters Poland - Episode 1 Full Recap + Meet The Teams!

What looks like a simple tower with a functioning windmill takes on a whole new level as it's revealed the whole building rotates to show off different levels of the people inside. The attack mode goes all out with the towers being attacked by evil spiders and tilting precariously, going to the point of having some parts collapse as the model is wheeled out for final presentation. The strongest builds by far are The Candy Factory and Millionaire's ranch with the latter earning

LEGO Masters has arrived in Poland! Owing to Covid a reduced roster of six teams will compete for a prize of $100,000 Zloty ($36,000).

Photos: TVN / Cezary Piwowarski

We are back in a very familiar set that keeps to the Aussie design. Taking some cues from the US show there is a single host, Marcin Prokop who is a journalist and TV/Radio personality, alongside two judges, Ola Mirecka, a LEGO designer who worked on Friends and Pawel Duda, plus an AFOL who runs a channel on YouTube called Bearded Geek. The episode also runs for a solid hour, and to make things a bit trickier for this reviewer, I don't have any subtitles to translate into English, so I'll try my best to work out what is going on!

Meet The Teams

Łukasz Więcek and Damian Krępa

Łukasz (right) runs a popular Instagram channel that focuses on photography as well as working as a hip hop and breakdance instructor. Damian (left) is a reggae music artist.

Marcin Feltynowski and Marta Kulka Marcin is a rap artist who once operated a store that sold lego. Marta is a makeup artist.

Joanna Krysztoforska and Kajetan Jeznach These two are aunt and nephew. Joanna is a robotics instructor who uses LEGO while Kajetan is also currently studying robotics at University.