LEGO Masters Sweden – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Week six of LEGO Masters Sweden is here! With four teams remaining to be Sweden’s first LEGO Masters. The wins are also racking up. Ava and Emma alongside Sarah and Leonard both have one win.

David and Rikard are ahead with two, however, Emil and Peter are still yet to score a win. This week isn’t an elimination week, but the winners will get a small advantage for the next challenge.

This week is the Bridge Challenge. This goes all the way back to the second series of LEGO Masters in the UK and was expanded on greatly with the Australian show. And has been a mainstay across the other series. The rules are mostly the same, build a 2m span bridge where points are awarded mainly for aesthetics followed up by the story.

Only two bridges will get chosen based on looks and story to then be tested for strength in a showdown. Having won last week Sarah and Leonard get a slightly shorter span of the bridge to build across.

The Bridges

Anna and Eva – Train Bridge

Their story is very simple and elegant. A train emerges from a tunnel and is crossing a bridge spanning across a mountain chasm. Very good use of colour choices made theirs one of the most visually pleasing to look at.

However, their delegation of roles was commented on as Eva focused on building the train and Emma. Focused extensively on the bridge itself leading to some issues regarding teamwork.

Sarah and Leonard – Future Bridge

With Leonard having some background in construction this bridge was constructed out of lightweight portions. That used technic wing pieces as decorative elements. They also used other familiar techniques such as placing long technic beams inside brick columns.

Another great use of a minimalist colour pallet with their story being about renting hovercars in the future.

David and Rikard – Billy Goat’s Gruff

The strongest story of the two using some adorably designed goats and the troll being represented by Rikard with a LEGO mask.

The bridge used an increasingly common tactic of having plates turned on their side to support lateral weight via a lattice.

Emil and Peter – Animal footbridge

With Peter being a civil engineer the two focused on getting all of the engineering down pat. Their concept is based on a bridge in Sweden that allows wild animals to cross over roads.

Some very clever braiding of plant elements were used in creating the trees. However, their focus on a strong structure left very little time for story and the bridge was left half-finished. As they were unable to complete the second side.


The winners chosen were Anna and Emma as their bridge was visually fantastic with a simple story and David and Rikard. With their charming and simple rendition of Billy Goats Gruff. No doubt after seeing two international series run out of weights and being forced to use camera equipment. The production was a bit more prepared and set the bar to whoever gets to 88kg.

Emma and Eva had very little faith in their bridge as the design had many issues during construction with the arched support mostly being decorative. The main span supported by a very last minute arch of bricks on the underside. However, this managed to hold up to 80kg, while cracking in half before being finished off with 88kg.

David and Rikard’s bridge having much greater internals held up and took them to their third win. To really test how much their bridge could take Mauri and Magnus were kitted up in harnesses and stepped on to the bridge for a combined weight of 192kg.

However one could argue the bridge was still able to take their weight as it was the wooden platforms that gave out.

With no one going home this week we head into the semi-final with the Time Train challenge.


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