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Season 3 Episode 5 – Recap

Tonight is another night post-elimination. The roller door opens to some very excited teams, notably Harrison, duck under the door in some nifty shorts ahead of the pack. Owen and Scott have now experienced the highs of immunity and the lows of the bottom two in elimination, and Scotty offers up that love is the secret to LEGO.

The Heroes’ Quest Challenge

Hamish and Brickman then announce to the 6 remaining teams that tonight’s challenge is Heroes Quest. All teams are given 12 hours to build a scene based on one of 6 destinations on a giant quest map.

The 6 lands to choose from are the Highlands, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Jungle, the Frozen Lands, and the Desert. But how are they selected? Though a classic first in best dressed! Gabby and Ryan watch on as all their desired lands are taken during their 5 minutes of DOOM.

The Builds

Anthony & Jess – The Kraken – The Caribbean

With elimination not a factor, Jess is keen to take lead on this build. The two decide to build a ridiculously large Kraken wrapping its tangly tentacles around a ship and destroying it, before their Hero. They’re going big and adding power functions for movement. Eyes become an issue, but the pair work it out together and the eyes of the menacing red beast shine brightly yellow in the ocean they’ve created. Time management proves difficult to Jess and Anthony, making the smaller story elements fall to the wayside.

David & Gus – The Anubis – The Desert

The Egyptian God is sweeping down and trying to grab the Hero on their quest. Gus’s mechanism is very complicated and involves multiple moving arms. In the span of 12 hours, Gus and David have managed to create one of the most complicated, angled swinging arms in the history of LEGO Masters; skin it in vibrant blue and gold and not break anything. As far as composition goes, Brickman notes a distinct divide in the two elements of their build, but the sheer size of Anubis and its menacing eyes has created a show stopper.

Harrison & Michael – Temple of the Tiger – Jungle

Harrison and Michael are opting for your classic jungle adventure. With a central Tiger temple and wildly dangerous bridges, linking pathways through the treetops. They’ve focused heavily on their storytelling and chosen to feature their tiger head, (which is stunning!) as the central piece of the build. There is notably a lack of mechanisms in this build, and it’s working for them because now they have time to spend on all the fine details.

Owen & Scott – The Minotaur – Mediterranean

Rome inspires these boys and Hamish mentions that they need to build their Rome in half a day. Owen is creating a self redirecting mechanism, that gives their main character the ability to change directions without needing to be reset. It’s clear that the difficulty level is 10! They’ve spent a lot of time on this little minotaur, Crap sticks! Brickman urges them in the last hour to add a more prominent piece. A cyclops. Own is now tasked with an insane idea. Create a cyclops in sand green (super rare colour btw) and have it facing off with the minotaur as the Hero scoots past.

Ryan & Gabby – Loch Ness Monster – Highlands

Ryan and Gabby are really hoping the shake the curse today and Brickman offers a beautiful compliment to Ryan. Described as one of Australia’s best builders (true fact in the LEGO Community BTW) Ryan is encouraged by Brickman to push his limits. Their curse is boxed in a special case supplied by Hamish and they begin without distraction. Ryan creates another complicated mechanism, that opens Nessy’s mouth whilst wiggling her body and moving her menacing head. It’s so many things in one! Their story is engaging and firey too, with eggs being stolen and a very angry mother sea lizard.

Sarah & Fleur – The Snow Witch

Sarah thinks about her mother as inspiration for her snow witch and I’m already in hysterics. Brickman offers the ladies some advice about a need to use stereotypes to their advantage. Hat size being the most notable of discussions. The ladies work intensely fast to brick-build an evil icy witch and her presence is menacing, but also doesn’t offer any mechanical elements.

The Verdict

Together, this quest is a beautiful map of intrigue and adventure. Each land possesses complex storytelling and techniques that I’m sure viewers will be attempting at home. But there needs to be a winner! One team will gain immunity for this quest and in turn make their own quest that tad easier.

Our top two teams are revealed! Harrison and Michael, and Owen and Scott.

Both teams bring such crazy technique and story to their models, Brickman knows that this decision is clearly one of the hardest so far in LEGO Masters Australia. He praises Scott and Owen for their ability to create under intense pressure and time constraints but it’s just not enough for the win! Michael and Harrison are awarded immunity for their Jungle Adventure.

It may not have had movement, but technical ability in their tiger, storytelling in their composition and overall aesthetics took it over the line. Well done boys!

Next Episode: The Cut in Half Challenge – The elimination build!


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