• Sam Hardy

LEGO Masters France - Episode 1, Meet The Teams, Plus Dream Park challenge. (Part 1 of 2)

Bonjour! LEGO Masters has now reached the land of wine, cheese and Escargots de Bourgogne.

Eight teams must prove they are France's first LEGO Masters in a series of challenges that test their building capabilities. The winners will take home 20,000 and their final piece will be on display at the Necker Hospital.

The Hosts

Hosted by magician Eric Antoine, judged by Paulina Aubey and Georg Schmitt.

Georg, Paulina and Eric
Georg, Paulina and Eric

Paulina is an artist who mostly has done painting but a few years ago introduced LEGO into her work. You can see some of her pieces here. Georg is one of 14 LEGO certified builders in the world who has done pieces such as the huge LEGO life-sized X-wing. You can see more of his work here.

The Contestants

Now for the contestants. The press releases have given the teams little titles, so I'll be following that.

The Students - Maximilien & Thibault

Maximilien, a reserve in the French navy and studying to be a journalist and Thibault a law student met in Oxford. Described as a pair of intellectuals whose love of classic works might clash with the wild world of brick building. The Unknowns - Christelle & Johan

Christelle is a banker who has been paired with Johan a technical sales representative. Christelle found her love of LEGO through her kids and Johan is an enthusiast with a passion for storytelling. Can this team come together to be a strong contender?

The Artists - Marguerite & Renaud